Mother Nature Visited the Gloucester Waterfront Festival, MA

The Gloucester Waterfront Festival in Massachusetts is hosted by Castleberry Fairs & Festivals, which happens to be one of my favorite promoters. They host a variety of shows of all sizes, and this particular show was a large one with lots to do and see!


The day started out as a gorgeous picturesque perfect New England summer day. (This was just the calm before the storm!)

This park was a fantastic location to set up for an Art & Craft Fair. As you can see from the photo below this festival was also kid friendly! There was something for everyone in the family to enjoy here.

Looks like I’m finally set up and ready to go!

It may not seem necessary now, but this was a show I was so very thankful for investing in a strong durable canopy! It’s important to be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions. Especially in New England, and on the ocean! The weather can change on a dime. I also add extra homemade weights made out of PVC pipes and concrete to all four corners of my booth. I do this for every outdoor show no matter what the forecast is, even when it’s nice out. This is a great way to add extra support to keep your canopy from flying away in a storm.

It didn’t take long before the show was filled with people! (It’s a good thing they all came out early too!)

Every aisle was filled with people shopping!

Once people were done shopping they could get some food, and listen to the music while stretching out along the coastline enjoying the view of the boats passing in the bay. There was also a pancake breakfast Saturday morning, and an antique car show on Sunday to check out!

This really serious felt like the perfect day, until…

Fifteen minutes before the show ended on Saturday, dark ominous clouds rolled in at a freakishly fast pace!

Then it started to rain. The rain seemed harmless at first, but it didn’t take long before it dawn on me this was not a typical rain storm.

A very powerful burst of wind came out of nowhere and destroyed many tents without any warning! 

It only took a few moments for this micro burst of wind to blow through the park. It also left as quickly as it came. The destruction to crafter’s tents was devastating! 

Everyone pitched in to help one another. The promoters and their crew were especially helpful. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

Wouldn’t you know it, in the end the clouds parted, the sun shined again, and we got a glorious rainbow over our heads to finish out the end of the day.

Mother Nature decided to make a very fierce and dramatic appearance at this show. It was a reminder to all of use how quickly she can appear like this at any show. 

Despite the crazy weather, this festival was full of fun and I thought was just fantastic! This show always runs the 3rd weekend in August.  I will definitely be back again next year. I hope to see you there!