I Finally Made A Calendar

I got inspired, and motivated this year to take my Crazy Cat Collection, and turn it into a 2018 cat calendar.  

It’s my very first calendar! Yeah!

Customers have been asking me for years to make a calendar. In the past, I would think about it, and then would feel overwhelmed with the idea of creating a grid with numbers. Then, the thought of what size to make it was just too much! Just too many options. Now, I think how silly I was to let those thoughts hold me back. Hee hee:)

I knew if I ever decided to create a calendar I wanted it to showcase my art in the best possible way. The paper must have a heavy weight, and a pleasant texture. I also wanted my watercolors to look vibrant, and crisp! I finally found a local printer that could capture all of this and more. Most importantly I was finally inspire to create a calendar to the perfect size. Not too big, and not too small. 

This calendar is a really fun size that will fit into most nooks on a shelf or a wall. 

I also intentionally design this calendar to have a dual purpose! I made sure all the artwork had a white border, and did not print the cats back to back so that each one could be cut out, and displayed afterwards. 

My hope is this calendar will make you smile all year long. Then, I hope it will make you smile for years to come!

 Now the only question is, how will you display them?

Next year I plan to create a new calendar with one of my other collections. What do you think? Should I make one with my Bird Tree Collection, or maybe my Animal Tree Collection? Hmmm, I’m going to have to think on that one.

For now I’m super excited to see how popular this calendar has been at my shows! Now it’s finally available online. This is a great opportunity to get my entire Crazy Cat Collection for one low price! (It may also be the only time.) 


Sold Out