New Christmas Animal Watercolor

I have made a new Christmas Animal watercolor painting for my Holiday Collection!

This one features a sweet winter rabbit leaning in to kiss an Arctic fox who is unexpectedly standing under mistletoe.

I found this watercolor particularly hard to paint because there was so much white in the design. Painting white has always been such a challenge for me.

Rabbit and Fox Under the Mistletoe 

That’s because the only source of white in a watercolor painting is the white of the paper. If I was to over paint the design, I could loose the valuable white glow of the paper and the animals in it! Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and I’m happy with the way it came out.

I hope it inspires a smile or two:)

I also video taped the making of this painting, and plan to share it soon.

If you like my Rabbit and Fox painting, it’s available now for a limited time along with the rest of the holiday collection below:

Snowflakes with PenguinChristmas Penguin Tree Topper 

Snowflakes with Polar BearChristmas Polar Bear with Lights

Snowflakes with ReindeerDecorated Christmas Reindeer

"Snowman with Squirrel" The Original PaintingThe Nosey Squirrel

The Nosey Squirrel is also available on a variety of products on Redbubble.

If you would like to see the other ones on Redbubble let me know in the comment section below! I’m adding new designs every week and I’m always looking for your feedback!

What Should I Paint Next?

There’s a fun winter holiday collection forming here.

I need your help!

I want your feedback on what I should paint for next year.

In the past I have had suggestions for:

  • owl
  • otter
  • snow leopard
  • seal
  • walrus

What do you think? Do any of these animals sound like a good fit for the Holiday Animal Collection? Do you have one to add to the list?

Let me know in the comment section below!


36 thoughts on “New Christmas Animal Watercolor

    1. Snowy Owls are big here on Cape Cod if you’re lucky enough to see one.

      Otters would be cute. On their backs holding an xmas ornament instead of a sea urchin : )

      1. What a great suggestion for a sea otter! I love it! I have never painted one of those either:) Thank you Mary!

  1. Well…..I’ve always thought my wire haired fox terrier would make a darling Christmas card in some capacity……..???????????
    Or a donkey or a work horse with jingle bells (head of one)

    1. I bet your fox terrier would look awesome as a Christmas card:) I love the idea of a horse or donkey with jingle bells! I never thought of that. Thank you Karen!

  2. it would be wonderful if you could paint the endangered Red Wolf or Mexican Grey Wolf and maybe have a portion of the proceeds going to the Wolf conservation center in New York or a general preservation.

    1. You have a big heart Sarah!
      I hope one day to build my business up enough to help others. That would be a dream come true:) Right now I’m in the middle of making major changes with my career and hope to weather the shift to do something like this in the future.

    1. Yes, I’m so use to painting animal that relate to the Christmas theme but it would be funny to paint an animal more common to the South or something along that line.

      Great idea Diane!

    2. Last year my kids decided they wanted to make under the sea Christmas cards so i drew up sea life and they painted them in and out holiday stickers on them! Haha it was whales and sea lions with Santa hats and Christmas trees!

  3. I think a camel (for the wise men) would be a wonderful Christmas animal to paint maybe with a donkey and sheep as in the manger

    1. Yes! Wow! I never thought of painting those animals! You are one smart cookie Robin:) Thank you!

  4. Dear Tracy,
    Moose with forest animals cradled in his massive antlers ie: chickadees, snowy owls, chipmunk or two…or even a mate…and they can still be surrounded with the other birds and animals!

    1. I’ve wanted to paint a scenario similar to that for a while! I just haven’t solve my dilemma of the size to paint it. The antlers are so large I would have to paint it really small or break it up into different paintings. I’m so glad you suggested it! It helps to hear it would be enjoyed if took the time to make it:)

      Thank you Patricia!

  5. Tracy, I’d like to see a little chipmunk in your new collection! They are so fun and active.

  6. I was thinking maybe a cardinal since they are popular for Christmas. You could put them on a branch surrounded by snow and snowflakes. Doves and partridges are also very popular during this time of year. Some that I also thought would be fun would be a cat with a cute Christmas hat or a dog with those silly antlers on. I also think that a Mouse or multiple mice would be really cute inside a Christmas stocking. I can probably think of more but that is all I can think of now.

    1. I absolutely love all your ideas Stefanie! You are good at this:) I can’t believe I haven’t painted a cardinal yet in this collection. I paint them in all of my collections! Lol Thank you!!!

  7. I would love to see a mynah bird. After raising them, they are
    really smart animated birds.
    Also, I think a sloth would be cute.
    Thank you,

    1. Mynah birds are really cool and I haven’t painted one yet. It’s also crazy how popular sloths are these days! I found a really cool design of one on Redbubble. It would be fun to paint both! Thank you Colleen

  8. A sloth would be cute. But I would like to see a hedgehog. Anything he would be doing or wearing I would buy 🙂

    1. Hedgehog and groundhogs are by far the most popular request of the year! I have lots of ideas for them swirling around in my mind and plan to paint em! Thank you Debbie!

    1. I love both of those ideas. I have also want to paint an Arctic collection of animals. For some reason I’m really drawn to them – no pun intended:) Thank you Susan!

  9. I was thinking hedgehog as well. I think they are so cute. They could be cute with lights tangled around their quills.

  10. Owl. Most of us have owls in our woods and fields but rarely see them. Plus, with your skills, it will look so endearing!

    1. Thank you Kathy! You know I love to paint owls! A Snow owl is destine to be part of this collection at some point.

  11. Hi Tracy – All of the ideas I’ve read have been wonderful and I’d love to see them all. If you are looking for another idea, I think that a porcupine would be adorable, maybe with an orange with the chunks of cinnamon sticking out. In these days of divisiveness, an undervalued creature like the porcupine might hit a grateful nerve with all of us. Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Bev, porcupines are near and dear to my heart. I love em! Probably because I see so many of them in my yard, and I have all these ideas for painting them. Thank you for suggesting this one!

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