Do You Like Your Art?

Do you love to create art, but struggle to like the art you create?

Do you beat yourself up when your art doesn’t measure up to the vision you have of in your head?

This is a horrible feeling!

One that will affect your confidence, and ability to create future art. I know this feeling well, because there was a time I did not like my art. My world was shattered when I realized I would never be able to create the art I thought I was supposed to paint.

This was a devastating realization!

Watch the video below to find out what I did after I hit rockbottom with my art:

I want everyone to love what they create!


There is only one person you should try to please with your art, and that person is YOU!

If you’re struggling to like your own art, and wrestling with self doubt, then I have 5 steps for you to follow below to help you fall in love with your art again!

  • Define your goals – Decide what you want to achieve with your art.
  • Take a break from your art – Step away from your art and return to it with fresh eyes. Critique your art and your feeling about what you make. Try to see it from a new perspective.
  • Be honest with yourself – Is the art you’re creating the art you want to create? If not, then what do you need to do to make the art you want to create? Do you need to practice more? Change your style or the subject in your art? Should you seek out a mentor, or maybe try a different art medium? Is it even possible to reach the goals you set for yourself, or do you need to reevaluate them to create new goals that actually excite you?
  • Don’t compare your art to others – Especially online! So much art these days are photoshopped, and filtered through apps before posted on social media to look polished and perfect when in reality they aren’t. Most importantly you want your art to be different! It’s what makes it special.
  • Get feedback- It’s easy to get caught up in our own thoughts and see things from only one viewpoint. It’s important to share your art, and see it through other people’s eyes. This is the BEST source of inspiration that can lead you down a path you never saw possible!

Most importantly keep making art!

Art is a life long journey and your art will continue to evolve on that journey. The key is to know what makes you happy, and to do more of it when creating your art.

Want to know what I do when I create a specific piece of art I don’t like?

Hint: I still sell it!

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