Learn How to Paint a Leaf in my Live Watercolor Workshop

On October 10th I held my first ever live paint a leaf workshop! Yay!

Members of my Art Academy, and those who purchased my Paint a Leaf Course were invited to attend this workshop for free, and 77 artists ended up attending. We had a great time learning how to paint a leaf together over Zoom, and I was soooooo impressed by the creativity of each individual artist.

Student ArtWorks:


Below is Catherine Mucshany’s artwork. I love how she transitioned the bright reds and oranges to the softer yellow-green colors in her two leaves!

Below is Christine Daniele’s leaves. She used the splattering technique to give her leaves some texture. Nicely done!

Below is Cindy Ribet’s work. She painted her own leaf alongside the class and did a great job capturing to folds of the leaf, and all the details!

Below is Jess Burbank’s Leaves. I love how she created the veins in her leaves, and the branch they are attached to. Way to go Jess!

Every artists had their own style of painting. I loved seeing how these styles were reflected in everyone’s leaves!┬áSeeing artists creativity, and originality shine through in their art is my favorite part of creating artwork.

Artists were able to watch and listen to my advice as I painted my own two leaves as they followed along painting their leaves at home. They could also share their own progress, and ask me questions whenever they needed help during this workshop!

It felt like we were all in the same studio together, painting, and learning from one another.

Below is an example of one of the student’s view of the workshop from her laptop.

I would toggle the screen between me painting, everyone talking, and the artwork created from the other artists who wanted to share.

I had tons of fun painting with so many talented artists, and I plan to hold more workshops in the future!

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