My Story: How I Started Selling my Art

Do you like to create art?

Do you like to create art so much that you want to make it your career?

I did!

I knew at a very early age that I wanted to make and sell my own art, however my path to becoming a full-time artist has been an ongoing journey that has required me to evolve and adapt in order to achieve success.

Watch this video to learn all about me, and my journey to becoming a professional artist:

I was fortunate growing up to have talented professional artists in my life to mentor me. They guided me down the path to creating, and selling my art.

This is something I never experienced in college. I learned all about art history and how to execute the various fine arts, but no one in college ever showed me how to apply to art shows, galleries, how to talk to customers, price my art, where to get supplies, negotiate wholesale terms, how to navigate the licensing industry, and so many more crucial lessons!

I learned all this from other artists who were successfully doing the things that I wanted to do.

Now I pass down these teachings to other artists who want to learn how to create and sell their own art!

In fact, the video above is part of my foundational marketing course, How to Market and Sell Your Art. You can buy this course and go through it on your own, or join my online Art Academy (which is a membership) where you’ll get access to all my courses, and ongoing help directly from me!

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