Wall Murals by Tracy Lizotte

I painted my first mural when I was 19. I wasn’t looking to paint murals at that time in my life, it just sort of happened. Back then, I was very focused on painting my watercolor paintings and getting them into galleries. However, if I wasn’t painting watercolors, there was a good chance I was painting houses for someone in my family for extra money.

The majority of my family painted houses for a living. My grandfather, father, uncle, and older brother all had their own painting business, and various members of the family painted for them. I was lucky to be able to come and go in the family business for extra cash when I needed it.

It was my uncle who approached me with the idea of painting a mural for one of his customers. At first the idea intimidated me, even though I knew how to paint fine art and I knew how to paint a house, I wasn’t sure if I could combine the two; and I didn’t want to ruin someones house trying! Well, I got lucky because the man who wanted a mural of a lake in his living room was going to be out of town for a week and he gave me the keys to his house and said go for it, if it doesn’t turn out the way I wanted, it would be OK. If it was really bad he would just paint over it and there would be no harm done. The pressure was off. I did paint the mural, and loved it! I was hooked from that point on! I went on to paint many more murals in homes and businesses all over New England. Here are a few of the murals I have painted:

Colonial Mural 5’x8’x10

Mural of Original 1790’s House in Sepia 8’x7′

Tuscany Mural

Tuscany Mural

Sunporch Mural 24’x14′

Seascape Mural 9’x7′

Port West Mural in Portland, ME 20’x7′

Backstreet Grill Mural in Sanford, ME 15’x9′

Faux Fire Place in Backstreet Grill in Sanford, ME

Window Box Mural

Window of Ocean Mural 5’x3′

Kitchen Tiles Mural

Mountain View Mural 14’x8′

Bunny Mural 16’x7′

Red Sox Mural 11’x7′

Dragon Mural 12’x11′

Planet Mural 12’x8′

Garden Room 10’x11’x8′

Carousel Room 16’x12’x8′

 The Garden and Carousel Murals I painted in my girl’s room. I had a blast completely transforming the rooms! Painting the ceilings made all the difference when capturing the themes of these rooms.