My Experience at the Surtex & Stationary Show, NY

The Surtex and Stationary Show in New York has come and gone, and it was amazing! This was an exciting year for me as I was showcased on both sides.  

 Stationary Show

My brand, A Joyful Heart, was released in the Stationary Show by Development Solutions Global, Inc., and my latest artwork on display by my licensing agency, Painted Planet Licensing in the Surtex Show.


Here is Development Solutions Display. I love the giant cards!

There are over forty cards to choose from along with calendars, note pads, bags and more!


 Surtex Show


This is Painted Planet’s booth display.

My entire family was invited to the show this year to help promote my brand. I what delighted to bring the girls to New York City and show them around. The city life is very different from where they come from in Maine!

The girls are wearing the same raincoats as their cardboard cutouts. This was a compete coincident! It was raining that day in New York and I had no idea my girls were going to be displayed as life size cutouts at the show. I love it!

Jillian was found curled up in the cardboard card playing games. This made everyone giggle that walked by and saw her!

Jillian with Andy Meehan

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the display of A Joyful Heart at the Stationary Show. Andy Meehan, Barry Matus, and their brilliant design team really outdid themselves! The only thing more amazing then seeing the display was the opportunity of working with this fantastic creative team to create the brand! Be on the lookout for A Joyful Heart! It’s currently being distributed to stores across the country. It just may be available in a store near you!