How Do You Interpret My Art?

Through my travels over the years I have been fortunate to meet people from all different walks of life. I always find it interesting how no one person takes the same meaning away from my art; no matter the painting, it is all open to personal interpretation, and I always enjoy hearing what people feel and think when they see my work. 

For example, “Yummy Acorn” is a fun painting of a chubby little chipmunk preparing for his next feast; at least that was my intention. This piece has received a lot of interesting feedback!

I have had people explain that it symbolizes patience as the acorn is green and won’t be ready to eat for some time and another person told me they thought it looked like he was singing for his supper. This certainly opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of hidden meaning and innuendoes within each piece. 


Another fun painting that has a wide variety of reviews is “Good Night Owl”.  I have found that this has been commonly perceived as an owl crying or yawning. Some people even call it “Owl Squawk” as they feel it is a mother owl comforting the baby “squawking” about bedtime. I like to imagine this piece in a unique nursery theme. 


One of my daughters also has her own interpretation of  “Lighthouse Living”. She says it looks like the Puffin is attacking the lighthouse due to its large size in proportion to the lighthouse which is why it’s her favorite design.  I found this to be a rather unique take on it, and now that seems to be what I see every time I look at it and can’t help but smile. 


One of my more comical experiences was just recently at a show when I had a couple of gentleman approach me with one of my newest pieces called “Patriotic Living” that has a Chickadee, a Cardinal and a Blue Jay in an American flag themed bird house. They asked if this was my interpretation of the Toronto Blue Jays verses the United States. I chuckled and said, “baseball fans, heh?”. I really enjoyed their fun perspective on my art.

These are just a few examples, however I always enjoy hearing how people perceive my paintings. They are created to make you smile and I hope that I can continue to do that for years to come! I would love to hear your feedback how you interpret your favorite piece in my shop!