International Quilt Market

The lovely people of Elizabeth Studios, flew me out to be their guest and visiting artist to help promote my new quilt fabric lines that will be launched this fall! I had the most amazing weekend in Pittsburgh, PA at the International Quilt Show meeting some amazing new people, and getting a glimpse at just how the fabric industry works. Being able to really see my art come to life like this was exciting!


This is the first time I was able to see my fabric put together in quilts and I was over joyed, as you can see by my expression. It is remarkable to see the way they capture the detail and beauty of the fabric patterns. Its inspiring to see the endless possibilities of how they are able to combine the fabrics. 

This is a close up of the honey bear from the Hoo’s Tree fabric collection. It really captures the detail of everything in my original painting, right down to the honey bee’s. 

This close up has the RoseBreasted Grossbeaks in the Beautiful Bird fabric line from my Bird Tree Collection. This has been a very popular line thus far.

Here is how the both looked with my quilt fabric! I was rather taken back when I realized that half of the booth was dedicated specifically to my fabrics. It was very  impressive to see it all come together. 


I learned so much about my own work while I was there. Apparently my designs have even been featured in these magazines; I had no idea!

I even got to meet the lovely ladies of Pine Tree Country Quilts Sandy and Sue.

They create and design quilt projects and patterns which get published in Quilt magazines (such as above) for the public to create quilts on their own with ease. They have done several with my fabric lines, and thebest part is they are also from Maine! Below are a couple of their quilt projects you can make, just click on the link to purchase a quilt kit and get started! 

Click here for the Family Tree quilt kit, shown above.

Click here for the Tree Houses quilt kit, shown above. 


The Magic Tree fabric from Elizabeth Studios has a new twist altogether.

It allows you to put whatever you would like in the tree. As you can see the example above it is demonstrated with butterflies, very cool!


This is a quilt made from one of the first fabric lines that we ever worked on together called Growing Up.  It was released right after my BFF Collection. The vintage colors with the children is a timeless classic. 


The Beautiful Birds collection has been so successful Elizabeth decided to extend the line and add the Housing Boom to offer room for expansion. I really saw a lot of excitement about the new additions while I was in PA which in turn excited me!

As an additional supporting fabric she has put together this new bird piece that combines a variety of birds I have painted from several different collections. It is by far one of my favorite masterpieces that Elizabeth has created with my work!


This is the new Hummingbird’s collection that is being released this fall! It really has a different look then most of my other lines, and I absolutely love it!

As you can imagine, the experience was eye opening and enlightening all the way around. Being able to put faces to the voices on the phone, learning that my work was being published in magazines, and seeing how much everyone loved my workwas truly amazing! I can’t thank the staff at Elizabeth Studio’s enough for their constant support and vision that makes us such a great team!