My Vintage Children Watercolors: What Inspires Me to Paint Them?

Here is a peek into my thought process and what inspired me to paint some of my Vintage Children designs.

The first example begins at bath time one night in our house. My youngest daughter once again got into the toilet paper and began to unravel it, it’s one of her favorite activities at this age. This one particular time I decided to photograph it!


The final painting is appropriately titled Toddler with Toilet Paper and can be purchased in the shop section of my website.

With further exploration of the bathroom and more photographing another idea quickly emerged from this one night!

Here is my painting titled Laundry Basket.

Lately I’ve been on a quest to add more of a variety of brother and sister combinations to my Vintage Children Collection. For the next photos I took a bunch of images of my friends kids. Here is how I combined a couple of photos to make one painting:

The final painting is titled Rainy Day Fun!

Often I have to make changes to the children in my designs such as their clothing or hair style. Other times I change the background. Here is one last example of a change I had to make to a photo for my final painting.

This painting is titled Wash Up with Boys. It’s a sequel to my original painting, Wash Up, which has my three oldest girls in it. Coincidently the original Wash Up is also the first painting I ever created for the Vintage Children Collection!