Tracy and Nicole’s Great Adventure

I recently took a rather long adventurous road trip by combining two of my favorite, yet furthest shows from home. This was a bold move on my part! I kissed my family good bye and left to show for seven days at the Three Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburg, PA. From there I voyaged directly to Buffalo, NY for the Allentown Art Show. 

I have never been gone for this long from my family, and was a little unnerved at the unknown. I did however recruit my friend Nicole to come along with me for support and assistance. As you can see we tried to capture some of the highlights, both good and bad along the way as it was quite the adventure!

Three Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburg, PA

Above was the view from our hotel window. We had a fantastic view of  the whole park and the concert. What you cannot see is how this show also wraps around the hotel to the other side and fills Gateway Market Square. The sheer number of people was impressive! 

Most show are over at the end of the day, but not at the Three Rivers Festival! This show is unique in that they supply you with outlets to light up your booth at night! Not only are the booths beautifully lit up, but the night crowd is just as great as the day crowd!


Below is an allusive glimpse of my friend, Nicole. Can you see her? I have discover she is a hard one to get on camera!


One of the more comical episodes on our trip was when we were trying to figuring out which hotel room was ours from my booth. Nicole let me know when she was in the window and I quickly jumped out of my booth to snap a picture with my phone. I had to do this quickly because my booth was very busy at that moment. At the end of the day we looked at the picture. As we counted up the windows we had a shocking discovery! Not only did I get a picture of Nicole, but also a gentleman mooning the show in the floor below her! What are the odds…Hee hee! 


We were very impressed at how Pittsburg practiced good environmental policies thoughout the festival. 

All day they had people manning the trash/recycle bins to help sort the trash.  At the end of each day this is how they collected it all. Neat!

Unfortunately we also encountered our fair share of rain duringour seven days in Pittsburg too!

Above you can see everyone huddled under the bridge waiting for a brake in the rain to make a made dash for drier grounds. The rain definitely damped the show atmosphere at times, but when you do shows like this hot, humid, and stormy weather comes with the territory!

Allentown Art Show, Buffalo, NY

We arrived in Buffalo a day early and decide to take a little break to see the beauty of Niagara Falls!

While we were there I found some really adorable inspiration/reference shots. I probably took more photos of squirrels then of the falls! lol. 

Keep your eye open for these fuzzy little creatures to pop up in future paintings!

 The weather in Buffalo was picture perfect both days for the Allentown Art Show!

Once again she has managed to avoid the camera, but that is Nicole, below. 

I have been fortunate to have the best neighbors for the past four years at this show. They make the cutest wood carvings! I have been slowly collecting their work over time and I am already looking forward to my next piece! Here is some of there work below.


I wasn’t quiet sure how to pack for nine days of showing and twelve days of being away. I think I over did it.

It took some serious organization and manipulation to get the car packed. According to my husband (and the overload on my tires) my vehicle has a weight limit!

We did make the safe trip home and I learned a lot in our time away. The most important lesson I took away from this adventure is that twelve days is way to long to be away from my family, even for the best of shows! I will happily go back to 2-3 day shows and never wonder about longer shows ever again! lol. 🙂 This was one lesson I needed to learn the hard way, and I’m very grateful for this experience. I’m one lucky girl to have such a fantastic husband and family at home and a friend who is just a crazy as me to help me out.

When all is said and done, we got wet, drove a LOT, worked hard, slept a little, met a lot of wonderful people, and had a fantastic trip! Thank you to all that we met along the way! See you again next year!