Chipmunk; Friend or Foe?

In a lot of my paintings I try to evoke a sense of humor that will hopefully make you smile every time you glance at it. That being said I get to hear some funny stories from fellow animal lovers when they look at my paintings.  I Recently met a woman at one of my shows who was kind enough to shared with me her funny story about a wild chipmunk that befriended her dog.

This amazingly friendly cubby little critter started coming into her house, and for six months she made every attempt to shoo him out. To her dismay this very bold Chipmunk kept coming back! Not to mention she also has three dogs and two cats that you would think the Chipmunk would be scared of, however, nothing seemed to phase this crazy little guy. After a while she noticed it bonded with one of her Labs, Otter, to the point that they even nap together. Otter has even become the Chipmunks guardian from the rest of the animals in the house. After a while she got brave and attempted to pick him up, and to her surprise, the Chipmunk let her! 

As you can see in this picture that she sent me, he is quite comfortable with the whole situation.  Could you imagine holding a wild chipmunk! Come to find out, this little guy visits several houses in the neighborhood regularly. I think it would be safe to say that he is quite special!

Do you think that Otter always lays near the squirrel statue behind him? I wonder if that has anything to do with their special bond? Lol.

Thank you Catherine for sharing this one of a kind story with me, photos too!

This story reminds me of one of my paintings titled Suppertime. This chipmunk is certainly getting some friendly assistance from this cat, however the cat’s facial expressions might suggest to some that he has ulterior motives. In my designs I like to present a scenario, and leave the rest of the story up to the viewer’s interpretation. What happens next in this painting is up to you!