Mattoon Art Festival, MA

Every once in a while I get the chance to work a new show into my lineup. This past weekend I went to the Mattoon Art Festival located in downtown Springfield, MA for the first time and had an exceptional experience that I thought was noteworthy to share with all of you. 


The community here in Mattoon really comes together to make this a fun festival for both the artists and the guests. They host an evening gathering for all the artists on Saturday night and during the day they even come around to the booths with snacks and chocolate. Some even helped us set up and pack up our equipment. As you can see I had a superb welcoming committee!

Even the animals in the neighborhood are welcoming to the artists. This little guy hung out at my booth for quite some time!

The entertainment was abundant as they strolled through the festival throughout the weekend. I was able to capture a few of them as they walked around. I certainly enjoyed some beautiful voices as well as guitar playing and even some wonderful saxophone playing. 

The crowds clearly enjoyed the music and entertainment as well while they danced in the street!

The “Tinman” even paid a visit to the festivities and handed out balloons and candy to the young guests!

I giggled while watching two brothers play with their balloons in my booth. 🙂 There’s something about kids and balloons and kids with bubbles that always make me smile!

The crowed here was very impressive for such a small community. 

I was both shocked and very proud to win first place in the painting category, and also Best in Show for the whole festival!

For any of you who are in the area next year I would highly recommend this as a must see event. It is sure to be a crowed pleaser for the whole family!