My Favorite OldBagzz

Happy Holidays everyone! I want to share with you one of my favorite Christmas gifts. It was from Pam LeBlanc of She handmade me a very special purse made from my own fabric! Yippie! This thoughtful purses is just one of now several pursers I have in my growing collection of her awesome handmade bags.

Pam used fabric from my Bird Tree Collection which is also know as Beautiful Birds fabric from Elizabeth Studios. This instantly has become my favorite bag!

Pam makes bags of all shapes and sizes but for me I’m a huge fan of her smaller purses which have several pockets for all my knick-nats  such as my wallet, lipgloss, business cards, hair ties, and most importantly an option of a wristlet or comfortable adjustable shoulder strap. 

Above is another bag I own from Pam that I use all the time. I love this bag because not only does it go with just about everything I wear but it’s also made from a fabric design she made herself! On the bottom it says ” Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History.”  I instantly fell in love with it! 

Before you know it all have a different bag for everyday of the week:) Lol

Pam is also another Maine crafter from Kennebunkport, ME and like me she travels very far and wide for shows. You can find her with me at similar local shows such as the Fryeburg Fair in Maine, and as far away as the Sugarloaf Shows around the D.C. area, and Country Living Show in New York. If you have never seen Pam before keep your eye open for her because she is one to watch, and her booth is one to visit! You can also visit her online shop at


Thank you Pam for my fantastic bird bag!!!