My Dog’s Disapproval of My New Pillow

I recently received an amazing handmade star pillow from Michele of Josie’s Heirloom Crafts. I was thrilled to open my package and see my new pillow! I squealed with excitement as I showed it to my family! However, this joyest moment was short lived, and was quickly replaced with despair in a cruel twist of fate.

My youngest daughter also thought the pillow was really great too. She snatched it up, and went running into her room. I had to leave the house to run a quick errand. I thought to myself what could go wrong? In an hour I returned home to find all my children running to me very upset. Then, they showed me my pillow, it was destroyed!!! AAAH! 

I know what you must be thinking, what did my daughter do? To my surprise nothing. She was not the guilty party. To my surprise it was my supposed loyal and loving companion, my dog Millie!

I was so completely heartbroken to find my perfect pillow damaged! Clearly, Michele worked hard when making this unique pillow with my Hummingbird fabric.

I was blown away at the attention to detail in this pillow, and how large and full the pillow is in person! It was so much more then I expected.

Michele if you are reading this I will be contacting you soon for another pillow.

FYI: Michele is also fellow Mainer and if you would like to know more about her pillows or want to purchase one for yourself visit her website! You won’t be disappointed.

I am beside myself with frustration, and currently trying to wrap my head around what to do with my dog! She is a very large Great Dane. She was given to me just before her 1st birthday due to her growing size, and lack of space in her former home. A friend of a friend knew how much I adored Great Danes, and that I also had plenty of room for her to run and play on our farm. So when she was offered to me I took one look into her big brown eyes and immediately fell in love! 

She is young and full of energy, but also tries very hard to be good. However, her obedience has been slipping lately. I think this exceptionally cold winter has kept her cooped up in the house, and just like a child, her cabin fever has run amuck. Now that it’s warming up she is acting out a bit. Ok that’s an understatement – she’s on a spree of destruction!

Her top three favorite naughty things to do lately consist of stealing whole cans of cat food and attempting to open them (unsuccessfully I may add, but it’s not deterring her from trying), getting into the trash, and eating my things (and only my things) when I’m away at a show. Evidently, she is not happy when I leave for too long. Below you can also see how she chewed up one of my hand carved turtles the last time I left.

Funny how she knows exactly what handmade items belong to me, hmmm?

 I need to make a mad dash to Tractor Supply and stock up on her favorite dog bones!


In the meantime I plan on expressing my dog frustration in a painting. She has inspired me to paint her gnawing on my most cherished belongings! Yikes! 

I’ve been wanting to start a dog collection for a while now and this is just the push I needed to get painting (Actually it feels more like a kick in the ass then a push). My only hope is that I can create something fun out of something so frustrating.


This may be the beginning of The Bad Dog Collection.

NOTE: This title is subject to change once I calm down from recent events!