Do You Have a Dog Just Begging to be Painted?

 If so throw me a bone by sending me photos of your favorite canine!

Here is your chance to get your pet painted – Yeah!!!

Note: Photos will be excepted throughout the year!

I’m currently on the hunt for reference photos of popular dog breeds to help me paint my next collection which will depict dogs playing, begging, and interacting with all our favorite backyard critters. 

When it comes to painting particular animals I want to make sure I get it right. I have learned from past experiences how important it is to get the details spot on, and paintings dogs are no exception. So for the first time I’m turning to my peeps for reference help!

Here is what I’m looking for: 

– Clear and focus close-up portraits of your dog.

– Dog photos packed with personality!

– An interesting angle of your dogs face.

– Photos with nature lighting in standard color format.

– Large enough resolution for me to paint from.

– Purebred dogs.


Above is an example of a dog photo I took of my friend’s Weimaraner. I love this photo. She may have a little red eye but the clarity is there for me to see the texture of her hair and all the details of her begging eyes. The best part, though is that tongue! I can imagine painting her drooling over a tasty treat just above her head. lol. 


Those of you who know how I paint know that most of my animal paintings are inspired by a reference photo and then combined with my imagination to create a colorful and fun senerio. By sending me photos of your pet you are allowing me to use the photos anyway I choose to design a painting. It is common for me to use only parts of the photos in my paintings, and even change certain features.

Please Note: If your intention is for me paint a specific senerio in a composition, then hiring me to paint you an original painting may be the better avenue to go. Please visit my FAQ Page and read: Can I hire you to make a painting? To help answer some of your inquiries, and if you would like know more please feel free to contact me.

Kitten Around 

I’m super excited to be inspired to paint your pooch!

Please send photos to  and remember to also send the following:

– Your dog’s name

– Dog breed

-Your contact info (So I can notify you if your photo is picked to paint!)

I want to thank you all in advance!

I won’t be able to paint every dog photo, but I will do my best! This is the beginning of a very large project and it will take me time to chip away at these very detailed paintings. Check back often to see my progress! I will be posting the ones I paint so you all can share in my creative process. 🙂