Lowe’s Flag of Birds by Tracy Lizotte

I’m so excited! My Patriotic Living painting was picked to be made into a home and garden flag for Lowe’s, and it’s available now for this summer only!

Here’s what the flag looks like:

Below you can see the original painting the flag was designed from. I call this painting Patriotic Living.The original painting has sold, but the prints are still availablehere!

”Patriotic Living”

As you can see I made some modifications to the original painting to turn it into a flag. It needed a colorful background and some fun words on it. So I painted up a blue sky, a tree branch with some leaves, and named it Home Sweet Home.

I love how it looks blowing in the wind!

I also love the material these flags are made off! They have a nice thickness to them, and they shine in the sun.

Here I am holding the larger flag for your house, and you can see how big it is!

Here’s what to look for at your local Lowe’s store.

The “Home Sweet Home” flag comes in two sizes. To buy now click on the size you want:

Small Garden 12.5″ x 18″

Large Porch 28″ x 40″

These flag are only around for this summer so if you want one get it while supplies last!