The Stories Behind 3 Squirrel Paintings

Ever wondered how I get my crazy ideas for my animal paintings? Here are three stories that explain how I conjured up, and created my latest squirrels paintings.

 1st Story

Nutty Situation

Inspiration struck me in the park when I witness this black squirrel below fight with this Seagull over food. It made me laugh and new right then I need to capture that moment in a painting.

I made a few executive decisions when it came to this design. I knew I wanted the fight for food to be in a tree, and a Seagull just didn’t look right so I changed him into a Blue Jay. A Blue Jay seemed fitting due to it’s bully reputation it has amongst the other song birds.  I also changed the black squirrel into a grey one so that he would stand out against the darker texture of the tree.


I added a Chipmunk to the mix to complete the scenario. I thought to myself, what if a Chipmunk came along and stole the nut before the Blue Jay made his move, and thepoor Squirrel never sees it coming? This was my eureka moment!

The finished painting is appropriately titled, Nutty Situation.


“Nutty Situation”


2nd Story 

Squirrel in Jack O Lantern

I have been wanting to paint holiday theme designs for a while now. Here is my first attempt to paint one of my favorite critters in a design based on one of my favorite holidays, Halloween! 


The pumpkin above was carved by my daughters last Halloween. They love Halloween! Actually my girls love any reason to dress up silly, and eat candy, but that’s an entirely different story. The pumpkin above was my inspiration to create the painting below titled, Squirrel in Jack O Lantern.


Squirrel in Jack O Lantern 

3rd Story 

Wanting to add more of a variety of seasonal designs to my growing squirrel collection I though now was a great time to paint an idea I have had for a while now of a squirrel pulling off a carrot nose on a snowman.

Snowman with Squirrel

I had some great reference photos of squirrels in a park that I use to paint the squirrel in this design, and the snowman was inspired by a snowman my girls made one winter day. The snowman had the best smile! I just need to add a hat and a carrot nose to complete my vision of a Snowman with Squirrel painting.


“Snowman with Squirrel”


Once I have a vision in my head of a “what if” moment with any of my animal paintings I am then utterly inspired to paint the vision, and equally curious to see if I can actually make it come alive on paper. When I do successfully painting it, it’s a great sense of accomplishment that always makes me smile… and I like to smile!