Country Living Fair Rhinebeck, NY

Country Living Craft Fairs have it all with the arts, antiques, handmade crafts, clothing, foods, furniture, and so much more! Each one of these fairs has it’s own unique charm… read on to find out more about Rhinebeck!

You know you are at Country Living Fair in New York when you see all the colorful banners strung from above! They set a festive mood all weekend long swaying in the bright blue sky.

One of the unique features at each one of these fairs is the Early Bird Special that both vendors and shopper can sign up for. It’s the perfect time to comb through the barns before the midday crowd arrives. 

These morning sales are always a pleasure for me because I get to spend more time with my customers. 

It’s a good thing these shows are three days long, there is so much to see around every twist and turn. There is something unique for everyone here!

A lot of the clothing you will find is fun with upcycled enhancements.

This is always a great place to find cool old vintage signs!

There is also lots and lots of great ideas for your plants, both indoor and out.

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it’s so true.

There are knick knacks galore here!

There is always so much to see at these fairs, but if there is something you see that you like it’s best to snatch it up fast! Chances are it won’t be around on the second pass.

These barns were packed in the afternoon.

Setting up in barns can be trick due to the uneven stalls. I was so thankful I was able to set up my larger booth display. It made it so much easier for everyone to move around!

I hung my art up everywhere I could including my wall facing the outside of the barn. 

You just never know where the shoppers are going to look!

It’s always common to see shoppers with carts and wagons at these fairs, and if an item is to large to tote around, the fair will send movers on golf carts to pick it up and even ship the item back home for you. Fedex is alway on call in their own tent at these shows!

Of course there is alway some form of live entertainment everyday at the fair.

You can also count on cook, gardening, antiquing, and a few other demonstrations to sit in on.

At this show they had a few nifty nooks to sit in, rest, and use as a photo opt.

Whenever I go to a show I see so many talented artisans and crafters, and this show is no exception. Here are a few of my favorites:

For those of you who have seen me at a show there is an excellent chance I was wearing jewelry by Mary DeMarco of La Contessa out of Baltimore, MD. Above you can see her ocean inspire set of salt and pepper shakers, and below is a gorgeous garden inspired necklace.

I am always drawn to Mary’s jewelry due to the incredible attention to detail, vintage influences, and the whimsical nature of them all!

I absolutely loved these two painted chairs! I wish I could have them both, they are priceless!

These amazing chairs, roster paintings, and pillow designs are all by Eric N. Fausnacht. Eric has such a fantastic sense of humor! 

Now I just couldn’t resist admiring this great looking group of owls! They were all made by Laura Benge of Whimsy Creations out of Baxter, IA.

S.D. Meadows  from Palestine, IL, is the master mine behind these amazing recycled wall sculptures.

Maurice and Kelly Dallas from Howard, OH are the crafty genius behind Goodbook Folk Art

There is always so many talented ceramic artisans at the shows I go to, and I admire them all so much! I never could get the hang of throwing a pot on a wheel. My pot would always spin off! 

This past year I made the choice to start collecting a particular pottery line by Eileen and Paul Niejadlik of Pistachio Potter. I just love there mixing bowls!

My dear friend and fellow Mainer Pan Leblanc of Oldbagzz was also at the show! In the photo above she was selling a larger size tote bag with my Beautiful Birds fabric! Soon you will also be able to find her amazing bags made out of my Crazy Cat Collection. I can’t wait to see what they look like!

I want to thank everyone who came out to this show to make it such a huge success! I also want to thank the lovely people of Stella Shows who do an out of this world job of running these fairs for Country Living. If it wasn’t for all of you, making my paintings would not be so much fun.

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