How I Set Up My Indoor Booth Display for an Art and Craft Show

Setting up for an art and craft show can be a tedious job, however, it’s well worth the time and effort to make sure your booth display is a show stopper to attract potential customers.

I have several different booth set ups I use depending on the size of the space I’m assigned, and whether or not the show is indoors or outdoors. In this post I will show you all the steps involved to setting up one of my favorite displays for the Country Living Craft Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. This show will last three days, and will attract shoppers from every state in the country!

The Set Up

This is what my space looked like before I set up. I was put in a barn! Leave it to Country Living to put us in livestock stalls and make it look fabulous:) Now time to do my part to transfer this space into a spectacular shopping experience. This is super important because I only have 7 seconds to capture the attention of shoppers walking by in hopes they will come into my booth to look around.

First step is unloading the van and figuring out the pipping for the 10′ by 15′ space. Because I’m under a covered roof with no sun, and my booth is 15′ wide I decided it’s best to use two sets of lights.

All my piping and lights come from the Flourish Company. I love these guys, they are so helpful! I call them up every year to order extra parts to expand on my set up. Both my indoor set up, and my outdoor canopy  & display are from them. I order everything from them so that all my pieces both indoors and out are interchangeable. 

The piping was a tight fit due to uneven ground. This can be common at show, which makes it important to bring extra parts, and also wooden blocks for shims. 

Meet Spenser, this is his very first show! He will be helping me out with my show set up today.

I wasn’t sure what booth set up I was going to use, so I brought several options. Everything packs down in a percise spot in my mini van. Packing this thing is an exact science! Lol. We came fully prepared.

Everybody worked hard to get their booth set up. For some people this took days to do. For me it took four hours.

Once the piping was in place we could then hang the mesh walls. The mesh walls are also from Flourish Company.

Even though I’m 6′ tall I still needed a step ladder to hang the walls. I like my walls to be 8′ high indoors to get my art work up above my table with my prints bins for customer to see. Sight lines are very important!

Once the walls were hung they all needed to be clicked in and tightened.

Now it’s time to set up my center table with all my bins.

Notice we had sawdust to stand on. It added a ton of character and charm to the shopping experience!

I wanted my white frames to stand out on my walls so I hang decorative panels of Burlap over the mesh walls.

It’s starting to look more like an artist booth and less like an animal stall!

I love banners! They bring such a fun festive feel to my booth. I made these triangle banner flags from a variety of fabrics that are made from my own watercolor designs from Elizabeth’s Studio.

All this work and we haven’t even begone to hang paintings yet!

The walls are up and the lights are on. Time to hang the art!

My handmade birdcage lights bring a warm inviting feel to my booth. I want customers to feel like they are stepping into a cozy room. 

Spenser hung the Bird Tree Collection…

while I hung my funny animal illustrations.

This process can be tedious when trying to get all the frames to line up straight.

One of the last pieces to put into place are my greeting cards.

We discovered the back of the booth was also expose to shoppers. This was more important real estate to use as display space!

Show Time!

Ta-da! Everything all came together perfectly.

This is a very busy show. I spend most of my time talking to customer, filling custom orders on the spot, and lots of selling! There is no time to walk around the show myself or even eat for that matter!

For the next three days you will find me standing in this one spot behind my desk. I love doing shows! It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also such a rush to sell to customers in person (That is by far the best part!). I learn so much from every show I do, and from every customer I meet.

Packing Up

As soon as the show ends on Sunday it’s time to take everything down and head home. First we start at the back of the booth.

Then, the greeting cards, and all the small things on my desk get packed away.

Taking these hooks out of the panels may be my least favorite part of take down. This is a good time for me to take photos. 🙂

Now all the walls come down and get packed neatly way for the next show.

Important tip: do not let Burlap touch shavings, unless you like the look Burlap speckled in shavings!

There is a lot to do but it always goes so much faster taking everything down. I can get packed up in less than half the time it takes me to set up.

The lights have to be carefully taken down so that they won’t break.

It’s hard to believe all of this stuff above fits into my mini van!

Once packed up we will head home. I will get home in time to unload my car, and put the seats back in so that I can drive my kids to school in the morning. Once the kids have gone to school it will be time to paint, fill orders, and prep for the next show! 

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