VIDEO: Fun with Cat Bag

Pam LeBlanc Strikes Again! She just sent me another one of her amazing bagzz, which she created from fabric designed from my Crazy Cat Collection.

I really let the cat out of the bag on this one (or so to speak) by experimenting with this bag in a fun stop motion video!

What’s that you may ask? Check it out at the end of this post!

I love the way my cat collection came out in fabric! What fun! Elizabeth’s Studio calls this line The Curious Cat Fabric Collection which is now available online and in stores nation wide!

I’ve mentioned Pam before in a previous post, and I love her bagzz so much I couldn’t resist highlighting them again! Be sure to check out her website to discover more bag of all sizes, her show schedule, and more

I know I’ve said this before, but I really mean it this time, this is now my NEW favorite bag!  


Funny Stop Motion Video of Cat Bag

I’ve always had a thing for animation and this bag was the perfect excuse to have some fun creating a stop motion video. That’s where you take a lot of still shots with a camera and play them together really fast in a video. 

This bag has really open me up to whole new world of fun! Stay Tune… There will be more to come. Smile


Thank you Pam once again for my fun new cat bag!!!