Girls Bedroom Makeover Part #1

It wasn’t too long ago my husband and I built our amazing little house in the quiet countryside of Acton, ME. We had only three small children then. I purposefully designed two girls’ bedroom for our three daughters. One smaller room for the oldest daughter to have, and a much larger second bedroom for the two younger girls to share. This well thought out plan didn’t last long! Soon after we moved in, we had our fourth daughter, and I had to quickly improvise on the girls bedroom setup!

My four girls have grown so fast since we built our house! Here they all are reading. They all love to read! (This amazes both my husband and I because neither of us read much)

When they are not reading they are usually happily playing together. Each one of them has their own unique personality! Can you tell which one is my troublemaker? Lol.

Below are my oldest two daughters, Jillian and Emma. We bought bunkbeds to go into the smaller room to accommodate these two. The bunkbeds have been great up to this past year when Jillian started to complain how uncomfortable her bed had become. I also felt bad that she couldn’t sit up in her own bed. So, I started to think of solutions. The best solution I could come up with was to switch the girls room, and do a makeover on the nursery room to turn it into a functional teenage girls bedroom!

I explained my plan to the girls and they were delighted! I asked them how they would like me to decorate their new room. Jillian said she liked neutral colors, and rustic barn decor. Emma said she wanted neon rainbow colors everywhere! Huh, this was going to be harder then I anticipated!


Below are my youngest two daughters, Abigail and Lydia. They share the Carousel Room.

This room was intended to be shared by two girls, and because Emma and Abby were two and three at the time, I designed a colorful nursery room full of animals and the alphabet. When Lydia was born, she moved into this room too. Emma stayed in this room until Lydia was old enough to be moved into a bed.

This room still works for Lydia, but because of the growing needs of my oldest girlsthis room has to go. Good thing I have another fun little girl’s room for Abby and her to move into!

This room is long and narrow. It’s 12’x20′ including the closets. Its perfect size for what I have in mind for the older girls!

It’s also the only room in our house with carpet. I really don’t like carpet, and this makeover it the perfect excuse to get rid of it!

I’m also excited to give the older two girls a room where they each have their own closets! They will also each have their own desk, drawers, bookshelves, and of course beds.

Abby and Lydia are not as excited to see the Carousel mural go as the their older siblings. I sympathies with them! I thought this mural would last much longer when I painted several years ago.

So I let them whoop it up in their final days of staying in the Carousel Room!

They both had lots of fun in their final days in this room, but all good things must come to an end…

to make way for more good things!

As you can clearly see, my older daughters can’t wait to paint over the mural, and makeover the bedroom for themselves!

Stay tune for the next post to see this mural go, and a new one painted for our girls bedroom makeover project!