Girls Bedroom Makeover Part #2

It’s time to say good bye to the Carousel mural! I made this a team effort. The girls and I painted over their nursery room mural to make way for a new and improve teenage girl’s bedroom with a colorful rustic barn theme owl decor.

Remember these clowns from Girls Bedroom Makeover Part # 1? They are ready to get to work!

Although some of us were sad to see the mural go, all four girls were so excited to take part in painting over it!

Emma went right to the tiger. She said no one else could touch it! She said it use to watch her sleep at night, and she was determined to be the one to put an end to it. I had no idea!

We used a top of the line alkali based primer to paint over the mural. It took several coats.

I let all the girls go to town on the first coat of primer. It was a crazy mess!

I loved it! The craziness was so much fun.

 This kid got so much paint on her. Lol.


I cut all the trim and cleaned up the girls first coat when they were done. 

Priming also included the ceiling (I new I would some day regret painting that ceiling bright yellow). I may be smiling here but I’m not a huge fan of painting ceilings! I always get a mouth full of paint when I do.

Ok, the priming is complete and we are ready to paint some color! Woo hoo!  

I went around the room and painted a line that divided the ceiling white paint from the soon to be new wisteria colored walls.

Then I let the girls paint the first coat again!

They all needed a little help on how to hold a brush. It was a good teaching moment. 


This one again is wearing the paint!


We still have a long way to go in this room renovation, however that doesn’t stop Jillian and Emma from celebrating!

Nothing was spared from change in this renovation. I had the old berber rug pulled up, and matching hardwood floors put down to match the rest of the house.

Aw! I about cried when I saw this face scribbled on the sub-floor from my daughter when we first built the house five years ago. 

I let Jillian and Emma pick out the new color for the walls. The foot trim boards were removed to make way for the hardwood floors. Removing them revealed the old shade of purple we just painted over.

They picked out a wall color that matched their new purple comforters. I suggested going lighter in shade in effort to create a greater change from the previous color, but they were adamant about the color they picked. Hey, my girls know what they want!

Time to lay the new hard wood floor! I was SO EXCITED for this part! We had to go with an engineered hard wood to match the rest of the house and it had to be installed with glue because we have radiant heated floors. 

The insallers use painter’s tape to hold the boards in place for the first 24 hours.

My girls had the task of pealing the tape off. They were happy to do so in order to make a giant tape ball. 

Next up is the fun part of painting! We are going to paint a branch that goes around the entire room, and then paint cute little colorful owls on it.

The paint you see above is the same paint I use to paint the inside of any house. I use interior latex house paint in a satin finish. These colors are from Sherwin Williams.

I started the branch, and then showed my three oldest how to continue the line.

 Keeping it simple allowed them to participate.



One of the key elements for me when painting is layers! Especially when painting a wall mural with a brush. The first layer or two are aways transparent. I usually have to paint everything 3-4 times to get the desired depth in color I’m looking for. If you are interested in seeing more of the murals I have painted in the past click here!

As a time saver I will circulate around the room with each color building on the layers as they dry.

Where did we get the inspiration to paint owls you may ask? (and it’s not just because I love em – well maybe just a little) 


These owls were inspired by the new bed sheets (shown above) the girls picked out online to go with their new comforters. We got the sheets above from PBteen. These sheets and the color purple they picked out were the neon rainbow colors Emma was looking for!

Above you can see all 12 owls painted around the room. Everyone has their favorite.

I even had my husband change out the ceiling fan. We got rid of the pink flower ceiling fan for this rustic indoor/outdoor fan from Lowe’s. This fits the bill for the rustic qualities Jillian was looking for. There is a lot more rustic to come in the next post where we put the furniture together, and finish the room!

Wow, what a BIG difference from the Carousel room!

The floor, paint, and ceiling fan set the tone for the new look of the more sophisticated teenage room we now need to furnish and decorate!


So what do you think so far? Is this a reasonable blend of neon rainbow and rustic barn decor? My girls have given me quite the challenge in trying to combine these two very different styles. It’s exhausting, frustrating, and rewarding all rolled into one. Seeing this progress though, gets me sooo excited to finish this room! (and share it with you)

FYI: If you want to see what the room looked like before, and meet my girls be sure to check out Girls Bedroom Makeover Part # 1.