Girls Bedroom Makeover Part #3

It’s time to finish this bedroom makeover, and reveal the new look! Hooray!  We are finally putting the final pieces together which included bedroom furniture, bedding, closet organizers, curtains, and something extra special for my girls; privacy walls to go around their beds! 

My makeover design is centered aroundthese giant 7′ walls that divide the room into two distinct living areas.  To make these walls I went to a local Home Depot to purchase the necessary lumber. Cutting them to size was my biggest challenge. I needed my husband’s help for that part.

Painting these walls was definitely more my speed! I did a lot of experimentation with the paint in order to get the desired weathered look I was going for.

 Then I screwed the walls together! (Sometimes power tools can be fun.)


These walls were way heavier then I anticipated! The idea I conceived in my head of these walls was so much easier to come up with then constructing the real things.

 At one point I though to myself, what did I get myself into! (That point was when I was trying to carry them all up a flight of stairs.)

Now that the walls are in the room, I can start to see my plan come together, and it’s very exciting! It’s finally time to make the beds!

I had to strategically leave one wall off to get the beds into place. 

Now the last privacy wall can be added.

Below you can see a light I mounted at the head of the beds for the girls to use at night.

On the outside of the walls will go two desks, one for each girl.

The bedroom still has a lot of furniture to be brought in and decorating to be done, but that doesn’t stop Emma from claiming her bed! 

Most of the furniture came from Ikea, which meant we had to put all the piece together ourselves. The girls were a big help when it came to assembling the furniture, which was great because there was two of everything!

Once the furniture was put together I made some shelves for the girls to store all their books and trinkets on over their desks.

The final pieces that needed to be made where curtains for the beds and the windows. I took all the girls shopping for fabric, and let them pick it out. I loved what they chose! Ironically, the yellow in the curtains match the yellow in the closets which is a happy accident, because I was too lazy to repaint the closet. 

I never considered myself to be much of a sewer. Sewing to me is kinda like the wild west in that the rules are vague, and there’s no one around to tell me what I’m doing is wrong. So I can make whatever my little brain dreams up, and no one will know how I did it (or care) just as long as it looks good in the end.

I sewed light block-out fabric to the backs of the curtains so the girls could close the curtains to their beds for privacy, and darkness if they wanted to sleep in.

Below is a common scene for me when sewing. Sewing machines and I don’t usually get along very well, and I end up using that little tool that cuts out my mistakes. This is why I’m only good for a sewing project every couple of years!

It’s time for the final bedroom reveal!


This room now looks and functions completely different from the original carousel nursery bedroom

On the left we have Emma’s side…

and on the right we have Jillian’s side.

Below you can see how the room is split into two. They each have their own bed, desk with shelves, chair, and closet.

The curtains that took some time for me to make I think may be the girl’s favorite part of the room. They love to hide behind them. 🙂

Below you can see the tie backs I made for the curtains above. 

Above the bed’s on the walls are rods with clips for hanging posters and artwork up so they can personalize their side of the room.

Below the beds are drawers for the girls to store their clothes. Finding beds with pull-out drawers was a must when I realized I did’t have the space for two dressers.

It’s amazing how putting up 7′ walls made a 11’x15′ bedroom for two feel larger! Dividing this room into different sections worked out better then I anticipated. The girls each have a bed with privacy, a study area with storage, and a swivel chairs allow them to utilize the rest of the room as a hangout space where they mostly like to play with their playstation.

There is just one space left in this room that needed a makeover and that was the closet space. 

Below you can see the insides of the closets. The closet organizers are a tremendous help with storing all their things.

Including the girls in the bedroom makeover process may have slowed me down a bit when putting it all together, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Not only do they take ownership of their new room, it also created fun mother/daughter memories I will always treasure.

I know this bedroom would always have to be shared by two daughters, so I wanted to give them a room where they each felt they had their own space.  I now have two very happy girls, and they have a room they are proud of, and can grow into!


Abby & Lydia’s New Bedroom

Some of you may be wondering what happen to my other two daughters, Abby and Lydia. They moved into Jillian and Emma’s old bedroom. This room has always been referred to as the garden room because of how I painted it, and it was made for a little girl. It’s perfect for the both of them to share for the next few years.

I did, however, give this room a mini makeover too. I put another closet organizer in their closet dividing it in half for the two of them to share. 

I also mounted the TV on the wall and repositioned a new dresser in the room. Abby was also very excited to finally have a desk in her room.

Bringing in their toys, stuff animals, and bedding also helped make the room feel like their own. The girls were also excited to finally have the bunkbeds too!

This room is so bright and cheerful in the morning when the sun rises. 🙂

Living through renovations can be very stressful on a family. We had girls sleeping on beds in the living room, dressers in the dinning room, and mountains of clothes and toys in every room for weeks. The extra work it took to complete the makeovers was also a heavy burden on our already busy lives as well. There is always a point where you think to your self is it all worth it? The answer is YES! Trading a few weeks of stressful living will gain you years of organized living in an aesthetically pleasing environment. So in the end we have four very happy little girls for many years to come!

Hope you enjoyed my 3 Post Bedroom Makeover series. Comment below if you liked it!

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