My Artwork is Slowing Down as my Kids are Growing Up!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted what’s happening around these parts and feel it’s time for an update! I know inquiring minds want to see what’s new. There has been a lot of activity, but I gotta admit the most interesting piece of art completed around here lately has been a colorful thank you card my daughter made for a customer of mine. Embarassed

I want to stress the word completed! I have had no troubles starting a rather long and ambitious to-due list, and I have also successfully accomplished the start of several projects on this list… but I have yet to finish one.

FYI: Don’t fret! These projects and more will get done…I do my best work under pressure.

Ahhhh! I don’t normally comment on my lack of progress, but thought this might be a good time to bring up the topic of how challenging  it can be to balance an art career and a family. I was on a roll for a while there making paintings, creating collections for licensing, developing my website, and traveling to art show all while raising four daughters with my husband.

To my surprise I found it easier to accomplish these goals when they were tots.

Then, suddenly one day I woke up and my little girls weren’t so little, and the house we built didn’t feel so big for our growing family. My art nook now feels cramped and cluttered, and I often find myself distracted from high squeaky sounds, giggles, and yelling from everyone around me. I realized what once use to work great for me is no longer efficient, and things need to change if I want to make way for progress.

This is an exciting concept, but one I need to psych myself up for because lets face it, as much as we like the idea of change it’s so hard to do because routines are safe and easy and so hard to let go. However, it’s time to adapt!

So we have big things planned for this year! I’m excited to fill you all in as they unfold.

In the meantime, I’d like to take this opportunity to show you all what my daughters’ artwork looks like. From time to time I get asked if my daughters like to paint as much as me, and if they have any artistic ability. I have discovered they all have their own style, and some like to create art more then others.

Abby’s Thank You Card

I am truly fortune to have met so many wonderful people throughout the years selling my art! One of these lovely individuals checks in with me periodically to purchase a painting, and when she does she brings me the box tops she has collected to give them to my daughter, Abigail (It’s a school thing).

So in return, Abby made a delightful thank you card for her favorite customer of mine!

I’m not sure what inspired Abby to draw up a vase full of flowers, but the perspective made me smile. I love how this 8 year old kid thinks!

Lydia’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Lydia and Abby are my youngest two and they are at the age where they are always drawing. A lot of their creations are created quickly and capture the general shape of the object they are depicting. I have always been quite fond of these primitive line drawings. Lydia had made a lot of them. If I had to pick a favorite though, it would have to be her turkey!

This bird has sharp teeth under its beak to eat you with. I find all of Lydia’s art, who is only 5 yrs old, to be fun and a bit frighting at times!

Emma’s Landscape Painting

Emma has tried her hand at watercolor painting from time to time, and when she does she creates the most amazing landscape paintings.

Emma is 9 yrs old, and is the most detail oriented out of my four daughters. Her passion for painting comes and goes, but when she is inspired to create she really pushes herself hard to do her very best. She actually created this painting last winter, but I wanted to share it now because it’s one of my favorites. I’d love to see her paint more!

Jillian’s Snowflakes

Jillian at 13 yrs old is my oldest and has a tremendous ability to draw, but usually only shows it off when she is creating a school project. She lost interest at a young age to draw just for the sake of drawing. Instead she would rather read a book. However, she made an exception one afternoon not so long ago, and instead of reading she found herself spending the day cutting out these amazing snowflakes.

She made dozens of detailed and sophisticated snowflakes which she then tied to string and hung above her bed. It was truly magical, and wish she decorated my bed too!

I have always enjoyed watching others create art, and helping out when I can. One of the many projects I have in the works includes creating a collection of DIY instant downloads for others to use, created, and enjoy! This is something I have been wanting to share with you all for a while now, and hope to get uploaded on my Shop page soon.

Stay tune, there are plenty of new paintings, projects, and videos to come later this year! I plan to share them all with you, and if the challenges I face of balancing a family life with a self employed art career interest you, let me know by commenting below because I’m happy to share some of those stories too!