My Daughter Discover Her Niche at a Craft Show (and it wasn’t watercolors)

It looks like I may have an artist in training on my hands! I brought my daughter Abby with me to the 2016 Spring Show for Sugarloaf Mountain Works in Oaks, PA this past weekend, and discovered just how crafty this kid could be.

I’m a proud Momma!

Abby is eight years old, and my third oldest out of four daughters. She has been asking me for a while now to take her to my shows. I usually don’t take my girls with me to the larger shows further away, but made an exception this time. I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some one on one time with her.

I was impressed with how helpful she was with setting up my booth display!

At home she is easily distracted and usually displays a short attention span, but here she was very serious and focused!

That is when she wasn’t eating donuts:)

To my surprise, she wanted to learn as much as she could about Art and Craft shows, and how to run a business selling art.

Once we were all set up and ready to go, Abby disappeared behind my display. She now had big plans to start her own business!

Abby has always been my little maker of sorts. Lately, she has had little interested in painting like me, and would like to sew instead. Currently she wants to make sock puppets and stuff animals.

So, I got her a book on how to sew felt soft sculptures of forest animals. The first animal on her list to make was a fox. I was once again impressed with her ability to read and follow the directions. I wasn’t sure if she would understand how to trace and cut out the shapes to make the body of the fox, but asyou can see above she figured it out!

Sewing is not my strength (I helped her make a couple of knots and that was about it) so Abby would frequently go visit some of the other vendors I introduced her to that were sewers at the show.

I never would have guessed how determined and dedicated this kid could be! She sewed…

and sewed…

and kept sewing until…

Voila! She completed her first hand sewed soft sculpture!  Woo hoo!

(I think she even surprised herself at what she had created)

This fox completely blew me away! One of my favorite parts to this fox you can’t see, but can feel. She put small rounded stones in the bottom of the fox’s body and tail to give it a nice weight and to keep it from falling over.

Abby beamed with pride at her accomplishment. I beamed with pride at my daughter. Smile

It only took Abby two days to complete the fox, and the show was three days long. It didn’t take Abby long to getboard on the third day.

So she decided to make her fox a friend.

The 2016 show season is just beginning for me! I have a long list of shows I’ll be traveling to this year. If you want to pop in to visit me at one or two, all you need to do is mosey on over to my Show Page for show times, directions, and promoters. I hope to create a lot more paintings this year to add to some of my collection, and have big plans on a brand new collection. You may even see Abby and her new creations too!