UPDATE: Why I Haven’t Been Posting

It’s been a while since I have posted anything aroundhere lately. It may seem as though I have been neglecting my art, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. What I have been neglecting is posting, and here’s why:

I have been busy, busy, busy, with my family, a new addition to our house, 53 new paintings, 22 shows, and creating a complete makeover to my website including a new shop page, teaching section, and freebies! I have also been teaching myself video making on the go with my iPhone, and figuring out best practices for sharing news on social media.

Phew, that’s a lot! Oh, and although I may not be posting as much as I would like, I have been faithfully keeping up to date with my Newsletters which I encourage you to sign up for at the bottom of my website if you want my new videos, new paintings, new freebies, new sales, and basically anything new sent right to you:)

My Family

For those of you that know me know I have four daughters Jillian, Emma, Abigail, and Lydia with my husband Michael. I have painted them a lot through the years in my Vintage Children Collection. I love to capture those special moments we can all relate to when growing up. Now, I wonder where the time went! I have a Freshmen in high school, one in 6th grade, one in 5th and the youngest is a 1st grader. They are also all dedicated athletes involved in soccer and basketball.

The real trick this year has been getting all four of them to and from school, and all their activities. Basically I feel like a shuttle bus all the time!  

House Addition

We are also currently working on an addition to our house. It involves a two car garage with a master bedroom above it, an indoor stairs case, and a much needed mudroom!  We built our house about seven years ago when we thought we were done growing our family with three kids. I designed the house myself, and had everything planed out perfectly, until we moved in, and found out I was pregnant again. Seven years later, the kids have grown, my business has grown, and the house some how shrunk!  

This project has taken waaay longer then we expected, but will be so worth it in the end to have the extra room! 

FYI: We all live in the upstairs part of this house (3 bedrooms and 1 bath 1672 sq ft). Originally, downstairs we built as our barn, and had four large box stalls for our Belgian draft horses. We currently have sold the horses. We hope to one day build a barn out back for horses again, and in the meantime the entire downstairs is our storage space, and my future art studios! (I plan on sharing that update when we get to it) 


Wow, have I been busy painting! I finished up a long awaited 16 piece collection I call my Freshwater Wildlife Collection this past Spring right before my show season kicked off. Then, I launched into paintingsmall watercolors of nature in between my shows.


I started these paintings with the goal of sharing them on social media (I’m finally learning all about Instagram). They have also proven to be quite popular at my shows. I’ve been videotaping every painting with my phone, and developing techniques for creating fun, and informative short videos with them. The best part is that it all can be accomplished on my phone allowing me to work from everywhere, which is what I need if I’m ever going to be able to share anything on social media. These days I’m just not around enough to work on my desktop computer.

Art Shows

My show season is between May and December each year. I usually do 20-26 shows a year, and they have been my main source of income. Oh, and I love them! However, I would like to sell more consistently through my website so that I can eventually cut down on a few shows, and be present at a few more soccer games in the future.

I have quickly realized the only way that is going to happen is if I work just as hard, and just as often on my website, updating, and marketing it as I do with my shows. Yes please more work! I think I have some spare time between 2:00-3:00 am. Grrrr. 

I’m currently juggling all these things on my own, which is why something had to give. Out of all these events above, posting is the most time consuming, and that’s because writing is my least favorite thing to do. The second I have the means, and time to hire someone to help in this area I plan on jumping at the opportunity! I recognize that’s the key to consistently producing new, and fun content online all while creating new original watercolors for my shows.

I’m also super excited to launch my updated website on WordPress this coming winter, and that will also help with me settling into a new routine of adding new content to my site. Yippee! 

I hope you check back to see my progress:)

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