Why I Opened a Redbubble Shop

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is one of the largest print on demand marketplace for artist. It’s a drop ship printing company with locations all over the world that takes artist’s artwork, prints it on their products, and ships directly to the customer.

Artist love it: Because it’s a way to make money from their art that allows them to focus on creating the art instead of managing products, shipping, and customer service.

Customers love it: Because they can purchase a product that is custom and unique! It’s also a great way to support your favorite artist after you have run out of room to hang art in your home.

Why I Opened a Redbubble Shop

I realized this past year how important time is, and how I should best spent it. The areas I enjoy most in my business is painting, and even more specifically it’s creating original designs, along with teaching and helping others.

I’d like to focus more on these aspects of my business.

I also want to share my art with the world, but I have no desired to be the one who personally makes the products my artwork can go on (There’s just not enough time in the day), which is why I opened a Redbubble shop.

Watch This Video!

Watch this quick tutorial where I show you how to get to my Redbubble shop, and then how to navigate it once you’re there!

What You Can Fine On Redbubble

There’re lots of fantastic products to choose from on Redbubble which is one of the reasons I choose them. I love their t-shirts! They’re high quality, very soft, and their printing is top notch! I also love how they package their produces with little notes of the artist name attached to tags with a small clothespin. They even include a fun Redbubble sticker to some of the orders.

Owl Smooch

Apparel is by far their largest category. They have men shirts that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Boston Cupcake and The Donut Thief 

They offer even more women shirts and sweatshirts.

Hummingbirds and Painted Turtles

They even have clothes for babies and kids!

Girls with Butterflies

I was very impressed with the quality of their duvet covers. I’m still working on making patterns for duvets. Below is a repeat pattern I made with my cat collection. It can also come with a white background.

Black White Red all Over

If there’s a particular design you would like to see with one of my collection on a duvet cover please let me know in the comment section below!

Your input would be such a huge help to me:)

Note: You’ll notice when clicking though all the cat designs on redbubble they all have a different version of the entire cat collection on the duvet covers.

Brain Freeze

Redbubble bags is one of my favorite categories. There are several styles to choose from.

Fly Away

Under their stationary category you can choose from a spiral bound notebook or a hard cover journal.

Animal Tree

Redbubble has lots of choice when it comes to device covers for phone, iPads, laptops, and more!

Fox Hole

Under Home Decor you can find mugs, pillows, tapestries, and duvet covers.

Woodland Study

They even have stickers!

Peculiar Encounter

My Experience with Redbubble’s Products & Customer Service

I ordered a few of their products with my art on it to see what kind of quality I would receive, how they would packaged everything, and how quickly I would receive my order.

So far I’ve been thrilled!

I did order one item where the color was not a perfect match (Probably no one else would notice this) but, since I’m a perfectionist, and curious about their customer service, I decided to contact them about this issue. They responded to my message via email. They reached out to the specific printer who created the item, and in a day they emailed me back informing me this was an issue that can be fix on the printing teams end, and offered to send me a replacement free of charge.

Wow! I was impressed and relieved with how they handled this issue.

I was also please to have one customer service rep stay in touch with me via email throughout this whole process.

This is a company I now feel 100% confident investing my valuable time into!

Print on Demand Websites

Above is a variety of products from Society6

There’re many other print on demand companies you can use to have your art printed on products. Each one is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses. The only way to find out what they are is to actually go through the uploading and ordering process.

Here’re a few others websites to shop or look into if you’re an artist interested in having your art printed on products:

Society6: If all goes well on Redbubble this is the next site I would choose to work with. They are based out of the United States and have a terrific selection of products to work with, many different from Redbubble.

TeeSpring: This site has a minimum order requirement and a minimum sale requirement to get paid.

Design by Humans: A popular site for gamers and Youtubers along with big well know brands. They have daily t-shirt competitions where the artist will see a spike in their sales if they win.

Threadless: The community of this site votes on what designs are made available for sales.

Sunfrog: Is best known for their t-shirts!

Amazon Merch: Is Amazon’s marketplace for print on demand apparel.

Printful: This site has been around quite possibly the longest! It’s great for artist to use for uploading their products to their own website and just using Printful as the manufacture and distributor. They also have a marketplace too to host your items.

Zazzle: This site is not just for artist, but for anyone who wants to make a personalized product for themselves or a gift!

Which of My Designs Would You Like To See Next on Redbubble?

It’s funny when I first decided to put my art on Redbubble I thought it would be a piece of cake!

Yeah, not so much.

There are over 50 products I can put my artwork on and each one takes time to customize my design so it looks good on the product. I’m still going back and tweaking artwork I have upload to the site.

Hearing from you would really help!

I would love to know which of my designs you wold like to see on Redbubble. I would also like to here about your opinion on the products already available on Redbubble such as which ones you like or wish I did differently. The more specific you can be the better, and the more feedback I get will help me modify my art to look it’s very best!

Please comment below or email me at: artist@tracylizottestudios.com

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Why I Opened a Redbubble Shop

  1. Tracy, just catching up today on some of your blog post before jumping into my art lessons with you, which, by the way, I HIGHLY recommend for anyone wanting to learn or better themselves with their watercolor art! Thank you for how much you teach and share! I had reached out to another local artist here in Missouri that had some really beautiful pillows (made from her art) that I felt she had priced really low and wondered where she had them made. Well, she made them herself but had her fabric printed at Spoonflower. If you have not heard of this website you may want to upload your artwork there for all the sewing artist to purchase your beautiful designs. I am going to check out Redbubble and appreciate the info. I think for my next challenge I’d like to try a repeating pattern of some sort too. Cute stuff!! I may have to order something of your’s so I have it and can brag about it.

    1. Hi Stacey,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s good you spoke up to the women with the pillows. Too many artist under sell themselves. I have visited Spoonflower before and love their site! I highly recommend to to anyone who wants to create their own repeat pattern! Thank you so much for thinking of me. One day I plan to put my designs on that site, but just don’t have the time to make the repeat patterns now, and I’m currently working with Elizabeth’s Studio, and don’t want to be in completion with the designs I make with her. She is my favorite company to work with.

      Redbubble has been a great addition to utilize for putting my art on merchandise. My best advice is to jump in and start exploring how to make your art look good on each product, and then to nurture your portfolio on the site little each week in order to grow.

      I can’t wait to see your next painting in class! You remind me of myself, full of ideas and not enough time to do them all, lol. Keep exploring all those ideas, it’s a good thing!

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