Please Take Note

ďFor anyone tempted to copy or reproduce my art I want you to know Iíve worked hard for many years to create my designs, and develop my own artistic niche in the world. Iím flattered you like my art, and understand copying is supposed to be the highest form of flattery, but please resist this urge! It would be most unfortunate for us to end up in a court of law for copyright infringements.

I want to thank you for reading and complying with the following:Ē

Website Content

All of the content on this site, including the paintings, photographs, text, graphic designs, and the general look of this website are owned by Tracy Lizotte Studios and may not be used or reproduced without prior approval.

Copyright and all Rights

All rights to the art work on this website and elswhere are reserved by Tracy Lizotte Studios and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All images on this site and elsewhere are not to be used without prior approval from Tracy Lizotte Studios or its authorized representatives.

Purchase does NOT convey Copyright

Your purchase of a print, original painting, or other products from Tracy Lizotte Studios and elswhere is a purchase of an authorized sale to a physical item and not the rights to reproduce or publish your purchase in any shape or form.

This means: You may not use any images from Tracy Lizotte Studios, regardless of how they are viewed or obtained, on your personal or business website or for any personal or commercial use without first gaining approval from Tracy Lizotte Studios.
If you want to reproduce, modify, or use images you have viewed on this site, please contact me for permission first!

EXCEPTION: You may use images and text from this website as part of a review, article, or blog post specifically about Tracy Lizotte Studios as long as the use of the images and text is accompanied by a link to the Tracy Lizotte Studios website, and a credit line stating: ďAll Artwork © Tracy Lizotte Studios. All rights reserved.Ē