Online Courses

Paint a Chickadee for FREE!

Love watercolors and want to learn how to paint with them using my methods?

Take my Chickadee course and learn how to draw and paint a realistic chickadee. Once you give it a try you'll be hooked on my laying strategy for painting with watercolors!

Learn How to Sell Your Art Online

Selling your art online isn't a whole lot different than selling your art in person at art shows. You just need to know how to find people who WANT to buy your art, and to do that you need to use a sales funnel.

Enroll in my FREE course to learn what a sales funnel is, and how to use one to sell your art:

How to Paint Wildflowers Mini Course

Want to learn how to paint both loose and detailed with watercolors? In this mighty mini course you will  design your own original composition, and then learn how to control the paint by "reading the wetness" of the paper. Once you understand how to control the paint, you will learn how to make not just one but TWO paintings! One with wildflowers and another with an Eastern Yellowtail Butterfly.

How to Paint + Sell an Egg Mini Course

In this mini course I show you my process for painting realistic Quail eggs. Then, I share my pricing formula to guarantee a profit, along with how to structure a sale for selling both original paintings and prints! It's the prefect blueprint to have on hand, and use as a reference when you're ready to sell your own art.

How to Paint a Tabby Cat

Learn how to paint a detailed, expressive cat in this comprehensive watercolor course.

Take the skills and painting strategies you learn in this course, and use them to make your own cat paintings!


Fundamentals of Drawing Course

Knowing the fundamentals of drawing is the foundation for working in all forms of art. In this course you will learn the 5 pillars needed to draw realistically.

Once learned, and with a little practice, you'll be able to draw anything accurately. All you need is a pencil, paper, and a willingness to try!

Watercolor Painting for Beginners Course

Watercolor Painting for Beginners is your entire watercolor education in just one course! You'll learn all about the tools, techniques, and most importantly the strategy behind creating a watercolor.

By the end of this course you'll have the knowledge, and skills to create your OWN realistic watercolor paintings from start to finish!

How to Market and Sell Your Art

Want to take your hobby and turn it into a full time business?

Learn how in my signature course!

This robust course will walk you through step-by-step how to build a system for selling your art that you can customize to fit your needs. You'll learn how to create cohesive collections, and grow an audience to sell your art to. You will also learn seven different ways to sell your art, including how to market and sell online using the latest automated tools.

Join my Online Art Academy!

Want access to ALL my courses, ongoing help from me, fun monthly challenges,  and live video meetings to connect with a fantastic group of like minded artists?

If that sounds exciting, then you need to join my Online Art Academy!

In the Academy you can focus on the areas of your art that interest you the most (from drawing and painting to marketing and selling), work at your own pace, and never feel alone or stuck.

My courses are for creative folks that want to learn my techniques, and develop their skills to draw, and paint realistically.

With each lesson you will further define your own unique style, build confidence, and most importantly have fun!

It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 80 years old, the only requirements for my online courses is an open mind, and desire to create!