DIY: Bird Cage Lights

I recently updated the appearance of my booth set-up for my outdoor shows. One of the newest features I have added are two rustic birdcage light fixtures that I made myself. To my surprise these fixtures have become quite the focal point in my booth! So I thought I would share with you this fun DIY outdoor lighting project that is quick, easy, and sure to please!


I wanted to give my outdoor booth a warm welcoming feel, and the appearance of walking into an indoor room. This is what inspired me to create light fixtures! I knew I wanted these fixtures to have a rustic feel, and battery operated lights. With somelooking around I found the perfect bird cages to turn into my new featured lighting, and all the supporting materials needed at my local craft store.

TIP: With a little imagination there are lots of possibilities of turning tins, bowls, wired baskets, mason jars, and more into lights. The ideas are endless! 

Materials need for this project:

– Wire bird cage or container to transform into a light. One large enough to go around a mason jar.

– 20 oz mason jar

– 18-20 small round LED lights that are battery operated

– 6′ thick rope

– Twine or thin rope cord

– Fishing line and large needle

Step 1: Start by using these LED lights that require no wires. You simply twist them and they glow for days! They come in a variety of options, I chose the circular white lights as well as the changing color option. You can get these at your local craft store or order them online. Then just pile them into a mason jar.

TIP: Be sure to take your time and face the light side out to showcase their glow. 

Step 2: By using a screw driver and a hammer I was able to punch four holes in the mason jar lid. Then, using a thin rope cord I tied the cord through the holes of the lid to the top of the bird cage. This allowed me to wiggle the mason jar into a level position once it was hung. 

STEP 3: I chose to hang the lights using a thick 6′ rope. I created a decorative knot  around the top of the bird cage, then I sewed it in place with fishing line for strength. I then sewed a large loop at the other end of the rope with the fishing line. This loop must be large enough to put the bird cage through.

To hang I tossed the rope around the center pipe of my tent and put the Bird Cage light through the loop to create a knot at the top of my tent to hang from.

TIP: You can also set these lights out on tables in your outdoor living space rather than hang them.

Step 4: Simply screw the mason jar into the lid and close the cage. 

The end results is a stunning creative light center piece that is sure to have your friends talking! These lights would be a great addition to your porch or outdoor entertaining area. 

Here again are my same fixtures but with different lighting.

There are so many choices out there for LED lighting the design possibilities are endless! For these lights I painted the the battery pack to blend with the birdcage, and also velcro the mason jar to the battery pack and the pack to the birdcage. I love the fire fly effect they have!

Hope this DIY project inspires you to create!


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  1. Wow this is incredible and it goes so well with your work. What a great branding look you have to your selling area. You are so generous. I am an artist and am just cautiously approaching the show market. Thank you so much!!

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