How to Make a Christmas Hedgehog

I like to make 1-2 holiday animal paintings a year, and for this Christmas I decided to show you how to make a Christmas hedgehog.

Don’t you think hedgehogs are so adorable in the strangest way? They are round and prickly, yet cute; it’s crazy!

In this video you’ll see how I built up many layers of watercolors and masking fluid to created this design.

Watch the video!

I also explain the story I made up that ultimately inspired me to create a hedgehog hanging from a candy cane in a Christmas tree in the first place!

I love to create original designs, and this one is definitely one of my favorites.

So, I decided to share it with you!

You can download it from the Instant Download section of my shop on my website in two ways.

Instant Downloads

The 1st way you can download it is as a Christmas Hedgehog Ornament Card

The 2nd download is for a Christmas Hedgehog Ornament Line Drawing to color in, allowing you to put your own unique spin on it! Yeah!

I would love to see how you would color this design, and make it your own. Would you trace it to watercolor paper and paint it, or print it out on drawing paper to color in with colored pencils or markers?

There are so many ways to finish this design:)

Please share with me if you do by #christmashedgehogornament on Instagram or send me an emailing me of what you make at:

Everyone creates art differently even if it’s the same subject matter. I find it inspiring to see all the different ways people create! So seriously share:)

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