DIY for Kids: How to Make Puppets & Abby’s Puppet Show Debut

Sometimes my daughters love to create their own art right along with me when I paint. Lately, Abby, my 7 year old hasbeen spending most of her time designing puppets, and Lydia, her younger sister, is more then happy to help. I recently captured one of their puppet shows to share with you. 


Here is how it begins:

Abby designed and created all the puppets.

Lydia, my 3 year old helps Abby with the action and demolition scenes!


How to Make These Puppets

Now lets learn how to create your own puppets in five simple steps!

Supplies Needed: Scrap paper, Cardstock paper, pencil, Sharpie Marker, markers or any sort of coloring utensils (optional), scissors, tape, wooden sticks

Step 1: Start by sketching out the characters in the puppet show on scrap paper. This will allow you to fine tune the images before drawing the final draft on the “good” paper.

Step 2: Once the characters have been created it is time to sketch them out in pencil on the Cardstock paper. We like to use a heavy Cardstock paper for the puppets because the paper has a stiffness that prevents the puppets from flopping around.  

Helpful Hint: Look for Cardstock 110 lb or heavier.

Step 3: When all the sketching is complete, outline the characters with a Sharpie Marker. You can also color the puppets in during this phase.

*Helpful Hint: Use a permanent marker for outlining so it won’t  smudge or smear on your final project, especially if you choose to add color. 

Step 4: Cut out the characters.

Helpful Hint: Have your child cut out the puppets in sections.  It makes it more manageable for the youngsters, as well as “sharpening” their scissor skills. 

Step 5: Tape the puppets to a wooden stick. Be sure to use at least two pieces of tape so the characters won’t wiggle off during their skit!

*Helpful Hint: Using kitchen skewers will provide a longer stick for better movement at showtime, but be sure to tape the sharp side up for safety!

Voila! Now you are ready to put on a puppet show of your own! 


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