Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my studio?
I have a small home studio in Southern Maine. It's a quiet and peaceful home way out in the country. My studio tends to get a bit cramped from time to time, but I love it! It allows me to work from home, and take care of my kids.
What are your originals made with?
All my originals are made with watercolor paints. I begin each painting by lightly drawing the composition with pencil first. Then, I work up my watercolors with many layers of paint to achieve a vibrant glow. The fine lines in my paintings are all made with a very tiny brush. I do not use any white paint, acrylic paint, or any kind of pen and ink in my paintings. To really understand how I paint, I recommend watching the videos on my Tutorial Page.
Where did you learn to paint?
My passion for watercolors began when I was only 10 years old. My parents wanted to help me, but didn't paint themselves, so they did the next best thing. They brought me to see my Great Aunt Dot. My Great Aunt had a fine art studio where she taught adults. She was the one who introduced the traditional ways of  drawing and painting with watercolors to me. However, I credit my youth for my unique style of painting. I had no fear of making a mess, or failing. I loved to push the limits of the paint on the paper, and if I made a mess of things, I learned from it. I learned just how many washes I could pile on top of each other before the gorgeous translucent glow of the colors turned to mud. It took me many years to master the art of layering watercolor, and now it's become an essential part of my painting process.
Did you go to school for art?
Thanks to my time spent with my Great Aunt Dot in her studio, my watercolor style was defined by the time I went to college, so going to college to learn art was not my priority. Teaching art was! I ended up at the University of Southern Maine and graduated with my bachelors in teaching with a focus in the visual arts.
Do you teach watercolor classes?
Yes, I teach how to draw, paint with watercolors, and how to sell artwork online. I have three signature courses you can purchase anytime from my Course Page, or you can get access to all three courses, along with all my courses in my Online Academy. In my Academy I help artists reach their art goals. I offer helpful feedback everyday in the form of video critiques, forum chats, and weekly live zoom meetings. I'm a very hands on teacher who wants to see every Academy member succeed! If you are interesting in sampling my teaching methods give my FREE How to Paint a Chickadee course a try. You can also learn more about my Online Art Academy HERE.
Can I hire you to make a print?
Can I hire you to make a painting?
Unfortunately, at this time I'm not available for commission painting. When I do become available I will announce it in my Studio Newsletter. Become a Studios Insider to be the first to know when that happens!
Can I have a print personalized?
Personalizations are only available on commissioned original paintings. Prints are sold as is. Sorry!
What is a “giclee” print? How do you pronounce it?
Giclee, pronounced (zhee-CLAY), is a high resolution reproduction created on a special large format printer. They are made from digital scans of existing artwork. Colors in a giclee print are so vibrant and true that it is often mistaken for the original artwork, which makes it the closest to an original painting you can get! These are not your typical everyday printers. These printers must use pigmented ink, which is the best among all inks; they are more vibrant , fade resistant, and water resistant. It is also crucial for the giclee to be printed on archival materials whether it be paper or canvas to insure the highest quality that is sure to not fade for many years to come. To learn more about Giclee print read, Equipment and Materials Needed to Make Archival Giclee Prints.
Where do you have your prints made?
All prints sold from my website are made by me! I have been proudly making and selling my own giclee archival prints for the last 15 years from my little studio located in Maine. Currently, I only ship domestically (United State). If you live outside the United States you can browse a select number of my prints on Redbubble or ICanvas. (They ship world wide.)
Do you ever print other people's art?
Unfortunately, I am unable to print for other people, however I do teach how to print your own art, and how to choose the right POD (print on demand service) in my Online Art Academy. Become a member to get access to me, and my courses on printing, marketing, and selling your artwork.
What do you recommend for a printer?
I chose to go with an Epson wide format inkjet printer that specifically meets the needs for my watercolors. If you want to make your own prints like me, I highly recommend doing some investigation into the wide variety of printer options available these days from Epson or Canon. You can also read my post:  Equipment and Materials Needed to Make Archival Giclee Prints. If you would like to learn more about printing, and selling your art I offer ongoing help in my Online Art Academy.
Where do you get your frames? Do you sell them separately?
Ah, good question! It took a lot of time, research, and trial and error to find the frames that would work best with my art. I like to consider my frames as a secret ingredient to my designs. I can tell you that they are an American made product that I am proud to offer my collectors, but if I share any more then that they would no longer be my secret ingredient. :-) I do not sell my frames separately.
I am a shop owner and would like to sell your licensed products. What manufacturer should I contact?
Unfortunately, I do not keep track of the distributors for all the products my art is made on. I recommend contacting my Agent, Suzanne Cruise at Suzanna Cruise Creative Services, Inc.
I am a shop owner who would like to purchase your prints. Do you sell wholesale?
Sorry, I no longer sell my art wholesale.
Who made your website?
I designed the pages of my website and membership site myself, and when I need help running my site I turn to a web developer. If you need the assistant of a trusted web developer to do all the techie things to make your website come to life I recommend contacting Jessie Brown at Portlight Technologies.
How did you define your brand?
Developing my brand was by far the hardest part of my business. In the beginning I changed my logo six times in three years. Committing to something was very scary for me. To help me define my brand I created a few guidelines:
  • Everything I made needed to be in watercolors.
  • All designs were to be fun and whimsical.
  • Most importantly my brand needed to set myself apart from all other artists.
These guidelines have treated me well over the years as I am regularly noticed for my unique look with not only my artwork, but also my website and my booth set-up at shows. I'm now passing down everything I have learned about marketing and sell art to artists in my Online Art Academy. Learn how you can enroll HERE. 
Where do I find the time to get all your work done?
Excellent question! I drink a lot of caffeine and gave up sleeping.
I need your help! I can't get the video to play.
I know how frustrating devices can be, and figuring out the solutions to tech problems is never simple. There are several possibilities that could be the cause for a video not playing. Most of them stem from your device, the connection, bandwidth, or the web browser you are using. I recommend trying these suggestions:
  • First I recommend clearing your catch in your web browser so you are not reloading an old page. (If you're using a smartphone or iPad you need to go to the browser app in settings and clear the history/catch.) If you are on a desktop computer you can also unplug it for a minute, then plug it back in, and it will reset its memory.
  • Make sure your device is updated.
  • Make sure the memory space is not full or close to full on your device. Videos need more memory space than files or images to run properly.
  • You can also try playing the video using a different device (lap top, desktop, smart phone, iPad).
  • I also recommend trying a different web browser. For example try Google Chrome web browser if you use Safari, or vise versa.
  • Lastly, I suggest checking you privacy settings.
  • You also want to make sure the device you are using has enough bandwidth and good internet connection where you are located.
A lot of these variable can change from day to day. For example if the web browser you are using just updated then you may also need to update your device so the videos will play properly (or restart it). Sometimes it helps to do a search to see if there has been any new updates recently so you know to keep your devices updated as well.
How long do I have access to the Chickadee course?
Forever! Once you are enrolled in this course you can go back and rewatch the lessons as many times as you want:-) Enjoy.
I'm a member in your Online Art Academy and need help logging in.
The Academy is a separate website from the one you are currently on. First, lets make sure you are trying to log in on the Academy site, and not my own website for selling art. Click HERE to log in to the Academy. If you still can't log in send me an email at and I will send you your username and a new password.
What is your advice to another inspiring artist?
Everything I have learned has been from trial and error. If you try something, and it doesn't work then learn from it and adjust accordingly without delay. Too many times I watch artists struggle to sell something refusing to move on to their next great idea. They want to wait for their current idea to work. My advice is NOT to wait! Follow your passion and your ideas. It's usually the best way to define your own style and learn how to build your customer list. Remember it’s okay if you don’t always succeed. What’s important is that you learn from your creative endeavors, and apply that knowledge to your future ones. It’s so important to do what you love and not give up! I’m a passionate believer if you keep trying something good always comes of it.  :-) Good Luck!