Tracy Lizotte
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Welcome to Tracy Lizotte Studios!

(This About Page could use an update, hence this video)

Even though the information below still holds true, I decided to put together this 2 minute video explaining a bit about me, and what I'm currently working on with my website.



My passion for watercolors began when I was 10 years old. It was then my dear Great Aunt Dot taught me the traditional ways of watercolor painting. However, I credit my youth for developing my unique style of painting. I sold my first painting at age 14 in a sidewalk art show, and knew from that moment on I wanted to paint watercolors for the rest of my life.


I have been painting and selling watercolors for the last 27 years. Additionally, during this time, I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor's degree in Art Education, and taught art for 8 years in various school systems in Maine. I also fell in love, got married, and had four fantastic children.


I work from my home studio painting, licensing, and selling my artwork. The art I create is bright, cheerful, and fun; perfect for decorating any space that needs a happy, heartwarming, and sometimes humorous decorative finish.


All the ideas for my artwork come from the day to day life around me. I am utterly inspired by children, animals, and color and pattens found in nature. Everything I paint has a story behind it, some quite funny. These stories and more can be found here on my Post page.


Here's a peek into my life:

This was my very first attempt at making a video!

This video may be a little old, but still is just as relevant today as it was on the day I made it. I'm delighted for you to meet my family, and see how they influence me, my art, and my business:)