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I Made A Calendar!

I got inspired, and motivated this year to take my Crazy Cat Collection, and turn it into a 2018 cat calendar.  

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UPDATE: Why I Haven't Been Posting

It's been a while since I have posted anything around here lately. It may seem as though I have been neglecting my art, but that couldn't be further from the truth. What I have been neglecting is posting, and here's why:

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Freshwater Wildlife Collection Part #1

The wait is over! I finally dove into painting a waterscape collection. Similar to my Bird Tree and Owl Tree, I'm once again composing a collection that fits together like a puzzle. This one will consist of sixteen separately painted pieces that can be mixed and matched. 

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A Peek at How I Paint my Pet Portraits

I've been very busy painting lately! This time it's been dogs.  I have painted six new dog portraits in various humorous scenarios, and have documented my creative process to share with all of you!

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New Season New Helper

It looks like I may have an artist in training on my hands! I brought my daughter Abby with me to the 2016 Spring Show for Sugarloaf Mountain Works in Oaks, PA this past weekend, and discovered just how crafty this kid could be. I'm a proud Momma!

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My Daughter's Art Work

It's been a while since I've posted what's happening around these parts and feel it's time for an update! I know inquiring minds want to see what's new. There has been a lot of activity, but I gotta admit the most interesting piece of art completed around here lately has been a colorful thank you card my daughter made for a customer of mine. Embarassed 

I want to stress the word completed! I have had no troubles starting a rather long and ambitious to-due list, and I have also successfully accomplished the start of several projects on this list... but I have yet to finish one.

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Girls Bedroom Makeover Part #3

It's time to finish this bedroom makeover, and reveal the new look! Hooray!  We are finally putting the final pieces together which included bedroom furniture, bedding, closet organizers, curtains, and something extra special for my girls; privacy walls to go around their beds! 

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Girls Bedroom Makeover Part #2

It's time to say good bye to the Carousel mural! I made this a team effort. The girls and I painted over their nursery room mural to make way for a new and improve teenage girl's bedroom with a colorful rustic barn theme owl decor.

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Girls Bedroom Makeover Part #1

It wasn't too long ago my husband and I built our amazing little house in the quiet countryside of Acton, ME. We had only three small children then. I purposefully designed two girls' bedroom for our three daughters. One smaller room for the oldest daughter to have, and a much larger second bedroom for the two younger girls to share. This well thought out plan didn't last long! Soon after we moved in, we had our fourth daughter, and I had to quickly improvise on the girls bedroom setup!

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Mother Nature Visited the Gloucester Waterfront Festival, MA

The Gloucester Waterfront Festival in Massachusetts is hosted by Castleberry Fairs & Festivals, which happens to be one of my favorite promoters. They host a variety of shows of all sizes, and this particular show was a large one with lots to do and see!

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