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The Owl Tree: How I Painted all 9 Watercolors at the Same Time!

Shortly after painting my Bird Tree I had a vision of an Owl Tree Collection. I could see it very clearly in my mind. It would be made up of nine different owl families, one family for each paintings. They would all be perched in a large Pine tree at sunset. I thought long and hard about painting the sky because I knew I wanted this collection to have more depth in color. I started this collection over a year ago, and now after putting these paintings on hold a few times I'm finally seeing my vision come life!  

Here are some behind the scene photos of how this collection all came together:

Like all my watercolors, I began by lightly drawing out the owls in the tree.

Then I protected the outline of my owls with a latex base fluid called masking fluid. To learn more about the tools and materials I use check out my post: Tools of the Trade.


I had to leave my studio space temporarily, in order to paint  the background of these paintings. I needed to paint them all at once to ensure the sky and the tree matched throughout the collection, which required a large surface to paint on. This was difficult to do, but I was able to make it work in my dinning room.  It's a good thing I'm tall and have long enough arms to reach across all the paintings to paint!



Juggling nine paintings at once was stressful and very tricky at times. I kept telling myself, if I can do this it will all be worth it! 



After many, many, many, washes and layers of paint I completed the sky and the tree. Now I can separate the paintings and finish painting them one at a time in my studio.

This is a very common scene in my house, me painting with my headphones on!  



Almost done! 

The end results was exactly how I imagined it in my mind! Yippee! 

Painting this collection reminds me how much I love watercolors and why I paint. It's for that moment when I complete a painting, step back to look at what I created, and ask myself did I achieve my vision? When I do it's such a rush for me! At that moment I'll smile from ear to ear as my heart races, and fills with joy. For me this has been an addicting feeling, one that motivates me to imagine, and to create; and when I imagine, I believe anything is possible!

For more information on this collection and close up views of the individual paintings check out the links below. Enjoy! 

To view prints: Click Here

To view originals: Sorry, this collection has sold!


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  • Elizabeth Pogranyi

    Hi Tracy,
    I have just discovered you!!!! I love your paintings, and your beautiful family!!!!!
    I can draw a little, but I gave up long time ago as my life took me in deferent direction, and I left my original country.
    I am a photographer, but my love of illustrations and paintings still my passion.
    I can not wait to see your paintings in the future!
    I wish you the best of everything and for your family!!!!!

  • Tracy Lizotte

    In reply to: Elizabeth Pogranyi

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much! It sounds like drawing and painting is as important to you as it is for me. I hope you are always able to keep your passion for painting in your life!

  • Mark Ramsey

    Beautiful! We spoke at the Portland Art Festival. We own several of your works. Let's talk about a single print of the entire collection. We Love your work!!

  • kathy

    Hi Tracy...Absolutely love this owl tree picture. ....Is it available for purchase????

  • Tracy Lizotte

    Yes, it is! Click on Shop above, then Giclee Prints, then the Owl Tree Collection. Here is the link:

    You can purchase each design individually or get the whole collection in one print. Each print has a drop down menu with options for sizes, mats, and frames. If you need any help feel free to contact me at

  • Helen

    Hi Tracy, I have just purchased an owl painting by you and it is absolutely stunning. What a treasure you are! It is wonderful to see that your work is spreading around the globe. Such creativity and endeavour is to be applauded. Best wishes, Helen - Cairns, Australia

  • Tracy Lizotte

    Thank you so, so much Helen! You have no idea how wonderful that is to hear!

  • Jessica

    Yesterday, I looked up tips on using masking fluid, and my search drove me to your site. I just can't manage to close my browser--I've been admiring your work ever since! You have sincerely inspired me to stick with my love of watercolor and to not let life get in the way of my passion. Your talent is overwhelmingly abundant. You are truly a gem.

  • Sherri A Coons

    I am sooooo impressed and in awe of anyone that can do watercolor but to do it as good as you do leaves me speechless! I am trying to get back on the wagon (painting wagon) after trying to survive cancer treatments and it has been a long haul! I tried water color but realized that my so called 'forte' is acrylics! I do cats...or I TRY to do them! I hope to finish one for a librarian who made up some copies of marmalade cats for me and included a picture of her own cat! If it turns out, she gets it! If not, NO ONE WILL KNOW! Thank you for having your work online so I won't give up but keep going!

  • Tracy Lizotte

    In reply to: Sherri A Coons

    Hi Sherri,

    What a wonderful message! I do so hope you keep with your painting and follow your heart when you do! It's good for the soul. When I was younger I watch my mother battle cancer for a long time. She was a fighter! It taught me that life is all about quality and not quantity. It also made me focus on what's important to me, and that's why I paint.

    Sometimes we get busy or overwhelmed, and that's when it's most important to do something that inspires us - even if it's only 5 mins a day!

    Stay inspired Sherri!

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