How to Layer Masking Fluid in a Watercolor Painting

Masking Fluid can be intimidating to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will discover opportunities for creating shapes in multiple layers of watercolor washes that can have an awesome effect on the outcome of your paintings!

In this video I used many layers of masking fluid to create a Quail’s nest. This layering technique I use can be applied to a variety of subject matter. If you look through my collections you can discover it in a lot of my paintings.

Here are a couple of tips when using masking fluid:

–  Masking fluid will destroy a brush. Use an old brush that has lost its point on the tip, and keep reusing it until its so gummed up you need to throw it away.

–  Wash your masking brush frequently, even if that means stopping in the middle of your painting just to clean it.

–  Use dish detergent in the brush to wash out the masking fluid after every use.

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3 thoughts on “How to Layer Masking Fluid in a Watercolor Painting

  1. Hi Tracy,
    I too use making fluid with my watercolors. I use an old brush, and dip the brush in dish detergent just enuf to ‘enfuse’ it, before the mask fluid. By doing so, it is super easy to get the mask off the brush. And no build up.

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