Learn How to Paint a Raccoon!

Creating a raccoon with watercolors became one of my favorite paintings to make!

That’s because I was able to use a limited palette with my two favorite colors:

  • Payne’s Gray
  • Sepia

I use these two colors in everything I paint because the combination of the two is perfect for painting shadows in just about any composition.

I love how you can make a shadow warmer by adding more Sepia, or a cooler tone by adding more Payne’s Gray. You can even tint these colors with another color in the composition so that the shadow will reflect the subject in the composition accurately.

Sepia and Payne’s Gray make up 90% of the painting. I had to created depth in the composition with my layering strategy, which was a combination of:

  • Wet on Wet
  • Dry Brush
  • Masking Out

In this Raccoon Course, I show you how to implement this painting strategy in your own watercolor, but it’s a little tricky, which is why I consider it and advance course. In order to understand the lessons in my advance courses, you much go through Watercolor Painting for Beginners first because it’s there that you learn the foundation to watercolor painting. This foundational course prepares you to know and preform: 15 different watercolor techniques, what a painting strategy is, how to pick out and prep your paper, and most importation how to apply it all to your style to created your OWN unique art.

Watch this video to see what you can expect to learn from this fun course:

In all my courses I focus on specific objectives that will teach you how to preform techniques in different layering strategies. Then, after you complete the course, you’ll be able to apply what you learned elsewhere in your art!

In this painting you will be able to do the following:

  • Draw up an expressive face.
  • Paint with only four colors. (Optional)
  • Create animal fur.
  • Substitute the tree branch, and the background for something else in order┬áto capture┬áthe feeling you want to convey in your painting.


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