Learn How to Paint & Sell an Egg

Painting eggs with watercolors is a great subject to paint because, there are soooo many lessons you can learned!

You learn how to:

  • Create soft gradual transitions in a wash to capture the highlights and shadows in an egg.
  • Work on reading the wetness of the paper with wet on wet technique.
  • Develop your color palette for painting flesh tones for portrait painting (when painting brown eggs).
  • Foster the development of your skills on the right side of the brain.
  • Can paint from real life if you set up a still life of egg(s).

My favorite eggs to paint are Quail Eggs.

I just love their speckled patterns and color variations!

Watch this video to see what you will learn from How to Paint an Egg mini course:

The best part of this course is the BONUS section!

I share my wining formula for pricing your painting + prints for profit. I also show you how to structure a sale to sell your art like hotcakes!

This is the exact formula and sale strategy I use to make $1000s from selling my mini collections both online and at shows, and it all only takes me two days in my studio to create these collections.

This is the perfect course for beginner watercolor artists that also want to sell their art. You can take my strategy for both painting and selling and apply it to your OWN art!

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