Learn How to Paint a Chipmunk on a Sunflower

Do you like sunflowers?

Here’s a peek at an advanced watercolor course in my Art Academy. In this course you will learn how to paint a chipmunk on a sunflower.

It’s a fun one, and not too difficult to paint. A great course to try out after going through my signature course, Watercolor Painting for Beginners.

Watch this time-lapse video, and learn actionable tips you can use now in your own art!

Here are some of the objectives you will learn from painting a Chipmunk on a Sunflower course:

  • You will use comparative measuring to map out your drawing.
  • Create multiple layers of graded washes in the sky with noooo brushstroke lines!
  • Use my signature layering technique with masking fluid to build up the colors and textures in the middle of the sunflower (Soooo much fun!).
  • Practice restraint when painting the Chipmunk. You don’t want to overwork the little fellow, and loose the light from the sun shinning down on him! Keeping the Chipmunk light is important because it creates contrast against the sky and the sunflower.

Most importantly you are to have fun when you paint in this course!

FYI: If you have never used my signature layering technique with masking fluid before, then you are in for a real treat in this course! I show you step by step how to use it to create the center of the sunflower.

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Watch the 1st lesson in the Chipmunk on a Sunflower Painting course: What You’ll Learn

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