Painting Tutorial of Peacock Love


The first step to creating any painting is finding a source of inspiration. My inspiration for creating the painting Peacock Love was an old photograph I took of a male peacock while on vacation. When I came across this photo I notice the shape of the bird resembled half of a heart. I though, wouldn’t it look neat if I put a female peacock next to him creating the shape of the heart in between them, and I just loved the idea of those tail feathers in the background!




I drew the outline of the painting lightly with a pencil. It’s usually a good idea to draw first before painting with watercolors because you have no white paint to correct mistakes. With watercolors you paint from light to dark, and usually you start with the background and paint to the foreground. I always plan out all the steps involved before creating a watercolor painting.


The next step involved using masking fluid. This is a special fluid that can be painted onto paper with a brush and then dries into a rubbery latex in order to protect the white of the paper.

This is what the painting looks like when the masking fluid is dry.

Here is my bottle of masking fluid.


Now, I’m ready to add paint. I am able to paint the background a delightful shade of green while the dried masking fluid protects the shape of the peacocks and the tail feathers from any paint.


Once the background is painted, I no longer need the liquid mask on the painting. So, I just peel it off.

This is the fun part!

Here is a close up of the peeling process.

All done with the masking fluid!


OK, now the peeling process is all done, and I’m ready to paint again.

I paint the tail feathers first.

Oops, I’m not completely done with the masking fluid. I have some on the eyes and the feathers on top of the bird’s heads. I need to paint these shapes in later after I’m done with the tail feathers in the background.

Now that the tail is complete, I will finish the birds.

Here is a birds eye view of my painting and the desk I work on.

All Done! Any question? Please feel free to ask: or on my Facebook page


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