Tips and Tricks on Painting the Color Red while Painting a Cardinal

Painting the color red can be frustrating!

Learn how to avoid the pit falls of painting red with watercolors while also watching how to paint a Cardinal.

Here is a list of the materials I used to make this Cardinal painting:

  • I paint on 300 lb Arches Hot Press watercolor paper.
  • All the paints I use are Winsor & Newton watercolors.
  • Here are the colors: Alizarin Crimson, Indigo, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Red Light, Payne’s Grey, Lamp Black, and Sepia.
  • All the brushes I used to make this painting were round brushes between the sizes of 0-3.

This 5″x7″ watercolor painting is part of my Blue Jay Tree Collection, which is made up of 6 separate bird paintings.

If you would like to see how I made this collection watch the video on my Blue Jay Tree listing. (Scroll to the bottom)

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2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks on Painting the Color Red while Painting a Cardinal

  1. Just finished a cardinal with Miriam Schulman’s group. Now to do another using suggestions from this tutorial. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi JoAnn,

      That is awesome to hear! Send me a picture of how it comes out. I would love to see it! Happy painting:-)

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