VIDEO: Drawing from Imagination vs Photo

Want to learn how to draw more realistic? Then watch this video of these amazing kids drawing animals, and check out their before and after drawings. Then, give this drawing exercise a try!

Important Tip:

What’s important to remember is to always look a the photo your are drawing, and only see the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, Space, and Form. If you can draw what you see, and not what your think you see then you can draw anything you want… with a little practice.

Confused? Then watch this video:


This is a terrific drawing game for kids!

I’m always impressed at how fast children pick up on this drawing exercise, and they love to see their before and after drawings! I think children learn how to draw so quickly due to their lack of preconceived labels they have in their heads for everything around them. As we grow up we see things as the name or labels we give them, and that stunts our ability to open up our minds to observe our surrounds as the Elements of Art. So if you want to draw all you need to do is clear your mind and practice!



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